Telstra Swimmer of the Year Competition

Simply choose your favourite swimmer from the Telstra Dolphins team for your chance to win a ticket for you and a friend to attend the Telstra Swimmer of the Year Awards and one night's accomodation at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne on December 9th, 2002.

To enter:
  • visit and follow the competition entry prompts

  • OR

  • SMS the name of the swimmer of your choice, your name and fixed phone number to:
    0428 737 332.

Entries close 12:00 noon December 1st, 2002.

Visit for furthur details and competition terms and conditions.

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  • Metropolitan Entries

    Entries for the 2002 NSW Metropolitan Championships close on Saturday, 16th November, 2002. The entries are to be on Multi-Entry Cards.

    To compete at these championships you must have achieved the required qualifying time. The time must have been achieved at a “District Approved Meet”.

    Meets that are not District Approved include:
    School Swimming Carnivals (School, District/Zone, and some Regional/Area)
    RSL Meets
    RSL Club nights

    You can not use times achieved at these meets and entries will not be accepted if these times are used.

    If you want to qualify on a Saturday Morning during Club Races you must mark your entry card “Qualifying Attempt”. You can also qualify at the Cumberland A.S.A. Qualifying Meet.

    The Entry Times should also be related to the course in which the Meet is to be conducted with the appropriate constant added or subtracted from the time.

    Your Multi-Entry cards must be completely filled out including date and place that times were achieved. Entries must also include your registration number.

    Only accredited coaches will have access to the Pool Deck at the meet. Parents are reminded that they are not permitted on the Pool Deck or in the Marshalling Area at any time.

    For more information on NSW meets read the Championship Procedures information in the Swim Meets Section.

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  • 10% Discount at the Speedo Shop

    By registering for the 2002/2003 season, members are entitled to a 10% discount on items purchased from NSW Swimming retail operations.

    The discount is available on all swimwear and accessories at the Speedo Shop, Sydney Aquatic Centre and Swim Trade, operated from the Association Office.

    To receive the discount simply present your registration card at the time of purchase.

    The discount does not apply to sale goods, meet merchandise or coats and is valid until September 30 2003.

    Surf Wear Party

    The club will be holding a Surf Wear Party as a Fund Raiser to help cover the costs of a weekend away at a country swim meet.

    Last season, members of the club attended the SportsCo Summer Swim Meet in Dubbo. Money raised from the Surf Wear Party will help to cover the costs of transport to and from this season’s meet.

    Details of the Surf Wear Party are as follows:

    Where: Merrylands A.S.C. Club Room

    When: Saturday, 19th October, 2002 - 9:00am

    Don’t forget to let your friends know.

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  • Survival From the Fittest

    Having coordinated a team of sports dietitians, the AIS have produced a quality publication not just designed at athletes but at anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy diet in a busy lifestyle...“Survival from the Fittest”.

    The publication contains over ninety recipes that are accompanied by a nutritional analysis, cooking hints and a selection of tips from AIS athletes. Quick, delicious and foolproof, the recipes are designed to provide maximum energy and nutrition with minimal time and effort.

    Eating for strength and power, eating for endurance, tips for traveling, seven day menu plan, making sense of food labels, how the fit survive - the skills and challenges, are only some of the key areas covered in this publication.

    You can order your copy of “Survival from the Fittest” at the 2002/2003 Season Registration Day or on the first two Saturdays of swimming at a special price only available to club members. With every copy of Survival from the Fittest ordered you will also receive FREE a copy of “A Winning Diet” covering issues pertaining to eating well in training, recovery strategies and more.

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  • New Parking Arrangements at Sydney Aquatic Centre

    The Sydney Aquatic Centre car park (P2) has been undergoing substantial work over the past few months. The new arrangements, which come into effect from October 2002, include the installation of boom gates in the P2 car park.

    The installation of automatic boom gates is aimed at reducing the time required to enter and exit the venue.

    More information on the new parking arrangements is available here.

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  • State Age Short Course Results

    At this weekend’s NSW State Age Short Course Championships, Merrylands swimmers broke 11 PBs and were finalists in 4 events.

    Mitchell Emery and Todd Jenkin swam especially well, breaking their PBs in all their events.

    Mitchell took 4 seconds off his 100m Breaststroke time to finish 4th, while in the 50m Breaststroke he beat his PB by just over 1 second to place 7th.

    Todd took almost 2 seconds off his time in the 50m Breaststroke to place 9th and also broke his 100m Breaststroke time by 4 seconds.

    Congratulations to all 7 swimmers who represented our club.

    The full results are now available.

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    NSW State Age Short Course Championships

    Amber Johnson will be the first female swimmer to represent Merrylands at a State Championship in over 10 years, when she competes at this weekend's NSW State Age Short Course Championships at the Sydney Aquatic Centre.

    Merrylands will also be sending it’s biggest team in over 10 years to this weekend’s Championships, with 7 swimmers, an increase of 4 from last year, contesting a total of 22 events.

    The team consists of:

    Amber Johnson
    9yrs & Under 50m Freestyle
    Jordan Burden
    10yrs 50m Backstroke
    10yrs 50m Freestyle
    10yrs 100m Freestyle
    Mitchell Emery
    11yrs 50m Breaststroke
    11yrs 100m Breaststroke
    Etiuate Veamatahau
    13yrs 50m Freestyle
    13yrs 50m Backstroke
    Todd Jenkin
    13yrs 50m Freestyle
    13yrs 50m Breaststroke
    13yrs 100m Breaststroke
    Troy Tomkinson
    14yrs 50m Freestyle
    14yrs 100m Freestyle
    14yrs 50m Backstroke
    14yrs 100m Backstroke
    14yrs 50m Butterfly
    14yrs 100m Butterfly
    Robert Griffey
    17/18yrs 50m Freestyle
    17/18yrs 100m Freestyle
    17/18yrs 50m Backstroke
    17/18yrs 100m Backstroke
    17/18yrs 50m Butterfly

    Congratulations to all 7 swimmers for qualifying, especially to Amber, ET and Todd on qualifying for the first time.

    You can follow the team's progress over the weekend at

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  • 2002/2003 Season Registration

    Registration for the 2002/2003 swimming season will be held on Saturday, 21st September from 1.00-3.00pm at Merrylands Pool. On this afternoon you will also be able to buy cards for the first week of competition.

    The registration afternoon will be your opportunity to order club uniforms for the season and will also be your only chance to enter swimming meets that are on during October.

    Competition commences on Saturday, 12th, October at 7.00am.

    If you are unable to register on the 21st you are welcome to register on any Saturday morning before races.