State Open Results

Vanessa Ozols represented the club at the NSW State Open Championships on the weekend.

Vanessa swam the Multi-Class 50m Freestyle heats in the morning session in a season-best time of 38.22.  She then returned for the finals session in the evening to compete in the Multi-Class 100m Breaststroke where she placed 8th in a new personal best time of 1:56.14.

Well done to Vanessa on her swims!


Issue 15, 2021/2022

Wet Weather

Given the weather in Sydney over the past few weeks it appears swimming is becoming a must-have skill as we dodge puddles and the constant rain. Just getting into the pool can be a swimming marathon!

Merrylands SwimFest

We did get a bit of a break with the weather for the Merrylands SwimFest, with a cloudy day and only a light shower at times. We had over 200 swimmers attend the SwimFest and received positive feedback about the meet again.

The golden ray of sunshine on the day was the performance of our Merrylands team of swimmers. Our team of 26 swimmers achieved 44 PB’s with 4 gold, 11 silver & 14 bronze medals won. A wonderful effort by every swimmer. Congratulations to everyone who swam. For a detailed report of the achievements see 

A big thank you to everyone who organised and helped at the SwimFest. We cannot run a meet like this without the help of our dedicated committee, parents, carers and friends.

Thank you also to our meet sponsors Club Merrylands, Starr Partners, Merrylands Swim Squad and Alpha Security Corp who kindly provided financial assistance.

Metro South West Area Championships

Last weekend we had a team of 15 swimmers represent our club at the MSW Long Course Area Championships.

Our swimmers again represented the club in outstanding fashion with PB’s, finalists, medals and Metropolitan QT’s swum. Congratulations to the team of swimmers & coaches.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Latest information can be found at  

March Merrylands Highlights

We have now entered the last month of our club season. How quick has the season gone. See the Upcoming Championships & Meet Calendar for the remaining events, but a couple of reminders:

  • 3rd & final Whales Challenge today. Can the White team achieve a clean sweep or will the Maroon team end the season with a victory?
  • A short 4 week Learn to Swim program will be run during March
  • 800m Freestyle Open Championships on 12th March
  • 1500m Freestyle Open Championships on 26th March
  • Breakfast & last club morning on 26th March

Enjoy the last 4 weeks of club races & look forward to a Saturday sleep in come April.

Upcoming Championship & Meet Calendar




NSW State Open Championships

Friday 4th March

Sunday 6th March


MASC 800m (Open) Freestyle Championship

Saturday 12th March

Thursday 10th March

Speedo Sprint Series - Finals

Saturday 12th March

Qualify via Heats

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 19th March

Sunday 20th March

Tuesday 8th March

MASC 1500m (Open) Freestyle Championship

Saturday 26th March

Thursday 24th March

NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 26th March

Sunday 27th March

Tuesday 15th March

MSW 5 – 8 Meet

Saturday 2nd April

Wednesday 23rd March

Australian Masters Championships

Wednesday 20th April

Saturday 23rd April

Friday 8th April

Australian Masters Open Water Championships

Sunday 24th April

Friday 8th April

MSW Area SC Championships

Saturday 28th May

Sunday 29th May



We receive great support from our club sponsors and we thank them for this support.

If anyone has contacts who would like to assist in sponsorship of the club please let Graham know.

Metro South West Championships Results

Merrylands' team of 15 swimmers had a successful meet at the recent Metro South West Long Course Championships.

It was a big two days of exciting racing, long waits, huge PBs and a relay swim to truly build character!

Laura-Belle came in fast for the team's first event of the meet and smashed her 100m Freestyle PB by over 2 seconds.

Joseph earned himself a bronze medal in a well-executed 100 Breaststroke swim and also achieved a 4 second personal best in the process.  Joseph PB'd and was a finalist in both the 100m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley.  He also PB'd in the 100m Freestyle with his first sub 1.20 swim.

Joab further reduced his 100m Freestyle time, dropping another second to achieve a new PB.

Vanessa achieved two new personal best times in the 50m Backstroke and 50m Butterfly with over a second taken off in both swims.  Vanessa also picked up two bronze medals in her 50m Breaststroke and 50m Freestyle events.

Alison jumped in for some 50s between coaching and picked up a finalist ribbon in the 50m Freestyle in a sub 30 second time - her fastest of the season.

William, our youngest swimmer, competed for the first time at SOPAC and enjoyed the excitement of the meet and exploring the centre.

Jay was on fire and achieved new personal best times in all his 50s and also gained himself 4 new finalist ribbons.

Lisa took huge chunks off her 100m times - taking 6 seconds off her 100m Freestyle and 5 seconds off her 100m Breaststroke in very classy swims.

Nevah had a fast start and sliced further time off her 100m Backstroke.

Shreya showed true guts for having a massive break between swims and had a strong 100m Butterfly at the end of her meet.

Summer started her meet strongly with a new personal best in the 100m Backstroke, taking over a second off her time.

Unish was a finalist in both the 100m Breaststroke and Backstroke, where he achieved two new personal best times including taking off 7 seconds in his Backstroke.

Daniel was three from three with PBs in all his events, coming in under 1.20 for his 100m Freestyle and also earned a finalist ribbon in the 100m Backstroke.

Matthew had a fantastic meet where he achieved new personal bests in all 5 of his swims.  Matthew gained a Metropolitan time in a very fast 100m Freestyle, a 5 second PB in the 200m Fly and a well earned ribbon in the 200m Individual Medley with an impressive breaststroke leg.

Daniel, Joseph, Unish and Daniel also combined forces for an adrenaline-pumping Medley Relay, where they smashed their combined entry time with unofficial personal best times.

Ameena impressively lowered her 100m Freestyle time right at the very end of the meet on Sunday afternoon, as well as a big chunk off her 100m Backstroke time.

Congratulations to all our swimmers on their results.  Thank you to our coaches for supporting our swimmers all weekend.




Metro South West Championships

Merrylands will be represented by a team of 15 swimmers at the Metro South West Championships at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre this weekend.

Our team is competing in 54 individual events and 1 relay over the 2 day meet, and consists of:

Ameena Abdelraheem
Joseph Assi
Laura-Belle Casey
Joab Hada
William Johnston
Vanessa Ozols
Alison Johnston
Jay Shrestha
Lisa Shrestha
Nevah Shrestha
Shreya Shrestha
Summer Shrestha
Unish Shrestha
Daniel Vicic
Matthew Vicic

Congratulations to all our swimmers on qualifying and good luck to them at the meet.

SwimFest Results

Our team of 26 swimmers had a fantastic meet at our annual SwimFest carnival held yesterday.

There were so many highlights for all of our swimmers and below is just a very small summary of some of the achievements made by our team:

Ameena achieved a big personal best in the 100m Freestyle, getting below the 1.20 barrier for the first time. 

Lucas brought home a swag of medals including silver and personal best in the 50m Breaststroke.

Darla had set herself a goal for the 50m Butterfly and went a full second underneath her target time.

Gabby broke the minute barrier for the 50m Freestyle, dropping 6 seconds from her previous best.

Joseph took a second off his 50m Breaststroke time and bagged himself a silver medal in the process.

Laura-Belle backed up from a PB in the 200m Breaststroke at club in the morning with a PB in the 100m Breaststroke in the afternoon.

Kyran smashed his 50m Freestyle PB and went under 40 seconds for the first time.

Joab didn't let his big PB in the 100m Butterfly slow him down for the rest of the afternoon and achieved PBs in all his 100s.

Katie showed age is no barrier and won gold in the 50m Breaststroke in her fastest time in over 10 years.

Ren took a huge chunk of time off his 50m Freestyle, dropping over 3 seconds.

Jhanvi backed up from her first meet for Merrylands at Speedo Sprint last week and achieved another 2 personal best times and a medal in the relay.

William managed to drop 2 seconds in his 50m Backstroke after running around helping with eskies all afternoon.

Vanessa achieved a new personal best in the 100m Freestyle, getting closer to the 1.30 barrier.

Avani had a solid meet after just returning from illness and was only a fraction away from her 50m Breaststroke PB.

Alison was double the age of her competitors and still snuck a gold in the 50m Freestyle.

Jay had a massive program and picked up 4 medals in the 8 years events while also mixing it with the big open boys in the 100s.

Lisa came off the back of massive results at Speedo Sprint last week and dropped further time in the 50m Breaststroke, earning a bronze in the process.

Nevah mixed it up with a PB in the 100m Breaststroke, almost earning a double PB with her split very close to her 50m PB.

Niushka bagged herself a bronze medal in a tight finish in the 50m Butterfly.

Ruby wasn't afraid of the older girls in the 100m Breaststroke, maintaining her technique to achieve a 4 second PB.

Shreya had top swims after a break from training and maintained the energy right through to the relays.

Summer started with a bang with a 5 second PB in the 200m Individual Medley and kept up her performances with PBs and medals galore, including gold in the 50m Freestyle.

Unish smashed his breaststroke pull-outs and PB'd in both his breaststroke events, picking up bronze in the 50m.

Keira had a big PB in her 100m freestyle and also picked up a pair of silver medals in her 50m events.

Daniel had a gutsy swims just shy of the achievements he accomplished at Speedo Sprint last week plus a medal in the relay.

Matthew managed to PB in the 50m Butterfly twice - first in his 100m Butterfly split then again at the end of the day in the 50m Butterfly. 

Sophia had great performances since returning to competition, achieving her fastest 100m Freestyle time in over 2 years. 

Our relays were very much a team effort, not by just the swimmers in the pool but also by all of our athletes and parents cheering loudly to support our teams.  Our relay teams picked up gold and 2 bronze medals for their efforts.

Well done to all our swimmers on their results and to all our volunteers for making it happen!


Issue 14, 2021/2022

Merrylands SwimFest

This afternoon we are holding the Merrylands SwimFest. We have a team of 28 swimmers representing our club in 134 individual races plus 5 relay teams, so a big day for our club members. Good luck to everyone in our team and may the whale be with you all.

 All swimmers need to be at the pool stretched and ready to commence the warm-up swim at 1.30pm. Races start at 2.30pm.

We have a big afternoon with the meet at capacity entries, so we need the assistance of all parents & carers on the day with a range of tasks to be carried out before, during and after the meet. We will undertake some set up straight after club races tomorrow (put our club lane ropes in, replace the 5m flags etc) and we will then be back from 12.00pm to set up the other items (gazebos, touch pads etc). So we ask for all parents and carers to be at the pool to assist with the set up and the pack up straight after the event.

Thankyou to our meet sponsors, Club Merrylands, Starr Partners, Merrylands Swim Squad and Alpha Security Corp who are kindly providing assistance.

Metro South West Area Championships

This is our areas major championship meet and will be held at SOPAC next weekend (Saturday 26th February & Sunday 27th February). Good luck to everyone in our team and may the whale be with you all.

Updates on the achievements in this meet will be available on the club website and Facebook page.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Latest information can be found here.

Speedo Sprint Heats

Our team of 16 swimmers had an outstanding meet representing our club the Speedo Sprint Series last Sunday. 

A total of 42 new PB’s were achieved and there were a number of top 10 finishes. A great result and effort by our swimmers and coaches. Congratulations to everyone on the results achieved.