Training moves to Granville Pool

Training moves to Granville Swimming Centre on Tuesday, 3rd April.

About Granville Swimming Centre

  • Heated 50m pool, with anti-wave lane ropes
  • Modern facility, redeveloped in 2005
  • 10 minute drive from Merrylands Swimming Centre - directions
  • Free parking in Enid Avenue and behind the pool in Diamond Avenue
  • Located right beside Granville Railway Station and Bus Interchange
  • Indoor cafe
  • Covered spectator seating
  • Covered areas for stretching and warm-ups
  • Operated by Cumberland Council - same pool entry fees as Merrylands


Granville Swimming Centre is located next to the Granville Railway Station and Bus Interchange. If you are travelling by car, consider car-pooling with other swimmers in your training group as an option for travel, for pick up and/or drop off, but remember, children under the age of 10 require a parent or guardian at the pool at all times.

Session Details

The Training Schedule is now available. At this stage there are no changes planned to the current schedule.

Due to limited lane space, there will be no training sessions on Saturday mornings at this stage.

All swimmers who intend on continuing to train in April must complete the Training Enrolment Form by Friday, 30th March so that we can determine at what time sessions will be held.

Swimmers who do not complete this form will not be permitted to commence training without contacting the club's coach, Peter Johnston first.

Session times may change based on the number of enrolments received. Sessions will require a minimum of 4 enrolments to go ahead. The final training times for each group will be published on the Training Schedule page on Monday, 2nd April.

If you will not be training at Granville, please let us know as soon as possible by email.

Training will return to Merrylands on Tuesday, 2nd October.

Training Breaks

There will be no training sessions for any groups during the April School Holidays (16th to 27th April).

Senior, Age, Masters & Adult Squads

The Senior, Age, Masters & Adult Squads will take their annual training break from 16th April to the 6th May.

  • Last Session: Thursday, 12th April
  • Sessions Resume: Monday, 7th May

Novice, Junior & Development Squads

In addition to the April School Holidays, the Novice, Junior & Development Squads will take their annual training break during July.

  • Last Session: Thursday, 28th June
  • Sessions Resume: Monday, 30th July

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Metro South West Sprint Meet

The final Long Course meet of the summer, the Metro South West Sprint Meet, will be held at Blacktown Aquatic Centre on Saturday, 17th March, 2018.

Entries for this meet close on Thursday, 15th March.

The Sprint Meet is a selection event for the Metro South West Development Squads. Some Novice and all Junior, Development, Age and Senior Squad Members should compete at this meet.

If you have questions about which events you should enter, please speak to your coach.

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Training Changes - State Masters, Metro South West Sprint Meet

Due to both the NSW State Masters Championships and Metro South West Sprint Meet, there will be no training sessions for the following groups on Saturday, 17th March:

  • Junior Squad
  • Development Squad
  • Age Squad
  • Senior Squad
  • Masters Squad

For swimmers not participating in the meets, the following groups will run at the specified times:

  • Novice Squad (9:15am to 10:00am)
  • Teen Squad (9:15am to 10:15am)
  • Adult Squad (9:15am to 10:15am)

See Also

5-8yrs Meet Results

Congratulations to our team of 6 swimmers who competed at the Metro South West 5-8yrs Meet yesterday.

Our team were finalists in 7 events, and swam 17 new personal best times from the 18 events entered.

Well done to the whole team on their swims!

Merrylands SwimFest Results

The Results of the Merrylands SwimFest are now available.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meet and to all the members of our club and other volunteers who worked at the meet, we couldn't have run it without you and you did a great job.

The results of the meet are now available in the SwimFest section of our website.

Mounties finished 1st in the Club Point Score, with Ripples St Marys in 2nd, and Merrylands 3rd.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the meet for their continued support.

The 2018 Merrylands SwimFest Swim Meet is proudly sponsored by:

  • Merrylands Bowling & Sports Club
  • Accucom Systems Integration
  • Nikkis Pizza

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Training Changes - Merrylands SwimFest

Due to the Merrylands SwimFest this weekend, there will be no training sessions for the following groups on Saturday, 24th February:

  • Junior Squad
  • Development Squad
  • Age Squad
  • Senior Squad

For swimmers not participating in the meet, the following groups will run at their usual times:

  • Novice Squad (9:15am to 10:00am)
  • Adult & Masters Squads (10:00am to 11:00am)
  • Teen Squad (10:00am to 11:00am)

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Speedo Sprint Heat Results

It was a PB-a-thon for Merrylands at the Speedo Sprint Series Heats held at Blacktown Aquatic Centre on the 11th February, 2018. Merrylands had a team of 10 swimmers competing in 34 events. The team absolutely smashed it with 29 new personal best times.

The meet commenced with Breaststroke and our swimmers achieved 100% for personal bests. Laura-Belle and Elie swum under 50 seconds for the first time. Matt demonstrated perseverance at training pays off and achieved a 4 second PB in his Breaststroke.

The Backstroke was up next and the times continued to drop. Michael was first up and not only did he swim under 40 seconds for the first time but skipped the 39s and went straight for a 38! Team Shrestha smashed their times with Summer, Niushka and Nevah all clocking new PBs. Joab came well under his entry time with an 8 second PB too!

Following on was the Butterfly and Bilal made Merrylands proud. It was Bilal’s first-time swimming 50m butterfly and whilst there were nerves before the race, Bilal not only completed the race but held two stroke breathing the whole way!

The final event was the Freestyle and although it had been a long afternoon, the run of PBs continued. Michael locked in an official PB after already having swum a PB at his school carnival a few days earlier. Summer also made swimming under 40 look easy by skipping a 39 and going for a 38 for the first time. Our 9 years girls pushed each other with new PBs for Nevah, Niushka and Ameena. Joab was last to swim for the day and finished our run with a 3 second PB.

There was great team spirit and it was wonderful to see our team cheering loudly and supporting each other’s achievements throughout the afternoon.

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Ryde wins Merrylands Masters Meet

Congratulations to Ryde who finished on top of the point score for the second year running at today's Merrylands Masters Meet.

Merrylands finished in 2nd, with Warringah in 3rd place.

A big thank you to the visiting officials for their assistance in running the meet, and to our members, especially our junior swimmers and their parents for providing all the timekeepers and runners.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and we hope you enjoyed the meet.

The results of the meet are now available.

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Speedo Sprint Series

Good luck to our team of 10 swimmers who will represent Merrylands at the Speedo Sprint Series Heats tomorrow.

The heats will be held at Blacktown Aquatic Centre.

Our team consists of:

Ameena Abdelraheem
Laura Belle Casey
Bilal El-Chami
Joab Hada
Elie Menhem
Nevah Shrestha
Niushka Shrestha
Summer Shrestha
Matthew Vicic
Michael Vicic

Our team will compete in 34 individual events at the meet. This year the meet starts at 12:00pm for warm-up, 1:00pm the races hit the water.

Good luck to our whole team at the meet.