Swimming Pool Plans For Merrylands Soon

Holroyd council's swimming pool committee is expected to present a special report on the proposed Merrylands pool to council early in March.

Aldermen hope to begin work on preliminary plans and drawings this year.

Construction of the pool could start some time next year.

Town Clerk, Mr. P. A. Arnett, said the committee is now compiling a special report for council.

"It is expected to make a recommendation to council within three weeks.

"Aldermen are hoping for a favourable report from the committee as to the pool's location and finance for the construction." he added.

The exact site for the new pool has not been decided yet, but Merrylands Park is being considered.

The new pool will be built serve residents in Merrylands.

Council's overall swimming pool plan also provides for the future construction of a pool in the Guildford area to serve residents there and in Yennora.

Mr, Arnett said council also hoped to make a start on preliminary plans and specifications this year.

"Construction could then start next year," he said.

Source: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/164911862

Merrylands swim centre

Merrylands could have its own Olympic swimming centre within the next three years if residents, community organisations and sporting clubs give their support to a proposed pool finance committee scheme.

Already Holroyd Rotary Club has suggested two possible sites — Merrylands Park, and Lawson Park in Desmond Street.

Rotary president, Alderman F. Edwards and Community Service Chairman, Alderman W. Try, made this joint disclosure yesterday.

The centre would serve Guildford and Mays Hill as well as Merrylands.

The club will approach all district sporting, church and community organisations to form a swimming pool finance committee.

These bodies are expected to give enthusiastic support to the scheme.

Several residents said this week Merrylands Park would be the more preferable site because of its central position and bigger area.

A survey of streets surrounding both parks indicated residents would also be willing to give financial assistance if an appeal was made.

President of Merrylands Chamber of Commerce, Mr. E. J. Sheahan, acclaimed the move as a "progressive scheme for a rapidly progressing town."

"I personally feel the chamber will give its wholehearted support," he said.

"The district could support a swimming centre now more than ever before."

Merrylands residents hailed the scheme as "long overdue".

One housewife and mother of shoolchildren said: "The proposal is very welcome, a swimming centre in Merrylands - will save mothers fares and time."

Another said: "The scheme is certainly overdue, it will be much easier to take the children for a swim now."

Secretary of the Merrylands Leagues Club, Mr. P. McCarroli said he was "sure" the club would support the scheme.

Source: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/189524066