Swimming Champions

Merrylands Swimming Centre's under 14 4 x 200 metres relay team display the Campbetltown trophy they won at a recent Camden carnival.

They are (left to right): Kim Warwick, Mike Lewis, Daryl Earl and Geoff Cashel.

Kim Warwick is the Merrylands breaststroke champion and qualified for the NSW titles at Drummoyne.

Lewis is the club's under 12 all round champion.

He contested the State butterfly and medley championships at Drummoyne.

Daryl Earl is the club champion in the under 14 butterfiy section and is also a proficient backstroke and freestyle exponent.

Cashel is also an all-rounder who is adept at all swimming styles.

Club trainers are confident the boys can repeat their winning performances at future carnivals.

Officials last week said the team had trained extremely hard this season.

"We are out to give their clubs in the area a real testing with these boys." one official said.

Source: https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/163745724

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