Goodwill Games

With the World Swimming Championships over, the next major international swimming meet is the competition being conducted as part of the 2001 Goodwill Games in Brisbane.

The swimming at the Goodwill Games will be held at the Chandler Aquatic Centre in Brisbane. The competition will be conducted in an unusual manner using a unique team format including four men and four women's teams each consisting of 23 athletes. The four teams competing will be Australia, USA, the European All-Stars and the World All-Stars.

The competition, which beings on Wednesday August 29, will feature a total of 38 events. Each men's and women's team will compete in a round robin dual meet format with a total of 3 dual meets per team. After the round robin competition the first and second place teams will advance to the gold medal final while the third and fourth teams will compete for the bronze medal. Both finals will be held on Monday September 3.

Channel 9 will be showing coverage of the Goodwill Games on Wide World of Sports.

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