Queen's Baton Relay

The Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay comes to Merrylands on Wednesday, 25th January, 2006.

The relay will travel through Merrylands from about 4:30pm and will travel through the CBD on it's way to Parramatta.

The route details are below:

TimeSuburbTravelling OnFromCrossingStreet/Landmark
16:32Merrylands Mombri StreetHouse No. 1X overPitt Street
16:35MerrylandsNeil StreetPitt StreetL ontoTreves Street
16:38MerrylandsTreves StreetTreves StreetX LMcFarlane Street
16:40MerrylandsTreves StreetMcFarlane StreetL ontoMerrylands Road
16:41MerrylandsMerrylands RoadMerrylands RoadX RMemorial Avenue
16:43MerrylandsMerrylands RoadMemorial AvenueX RMiller Street
16:44MerrylandsMerrylands RoadMiller StreetVL ontoPitt Street
16:44MerrylandsPitt StreetPitt StreetX LMcFarlane Street
16:45MerrylandsPitt StreetMcFarlane StreetX RTerminal Place
16:46MerrylandsPitt StreetTerminal PlaceX OverNeil Street
16:47MerrylandsPitt StreetNeil StreetX LSheffield Street
16:48MerrylandsPitt StreetSheffield StreetX LWalpole Street
16:48MerrylandsPitt StreetWalpole StreetX LVictoria Street
16:48MerrylandsPitt StreetVictoria StreetX RRobert Street
16:49MerrylandsPitt StreetRobert StreetX LLedger Street
16:49MerrylandsPitt StreetLedger StreetX RCrown Street
16:49MerrylandsPitt StreetCrown StreetX LYoung Street
16:49MerrylandsPitt StreetYoung StreetR ontoRailway Street
16:49MerrylandsRailway StreetRailway StreetX LRosehill Street
16:49MerrylandsRailway StreetRosehill StreetL ontoBoundary Street
16:50MerrylandsBoundary StreetBoundary StreetX LDenison Street
16:50MerrylandsBoundary StreetDenison StreetX LAlma Street
16:50MerrylandsBoundary StreetAlma StreetX overMarsden Street
16:50MerrylandsBoundary StreetMarsden StreetX overInkerman Street
16:50MerrylandsBoundary StreetInkerman StreetX overChurch Street
16:51MerrylandsRaymond StreetChurch StreetX overHigh Street
16:51MerrylandsRaymond StreetHigh StreetX LStation Street West
16:51MerrylandsBridge StreetStation Street WestR ontoWingram Street

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