Get 50% off Squad Fees

Bring a friend to training who enrols and pays their fees before 9th October, 2017 and you could receive 50% off your November Squad Fees.


  1. The friend must be a new swimmer who has not previously been a member of the squad.
  2. The friend must enrol in the squad, pay their October Squad Fees and pay their Club Membership prior to 9th October, 2017.
  3. The referring swimmer must have enrolled in the squad for October 2017, paid their fees by the due date, paid their club membership and not have a current outstanding balance as at 9th October, 2017.
  4. For a referring family, discounts will be applied to the family member with the lowest fees first.
  5. A single discount is available for each referring swimmer.
  6. Merrylands Swimming Squad reserves the right to end the offer prior to 9th October, 2017.
  7. To claim your discount, you must contact the squad via email prior to 16th October, 2017 with the details of the swimmer you have referred.

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