Issue 17, 2018/2019

50th Anniversary Celebrations

Our final major event for these celebrations will be the Anniversary Dinner, to be held on Saturday 6th April, 2019 at the Holroyd Centre. We will soon have booking details available for the dinner online, see the 50th Anniversary section for more details.

Merrylands SwimFest & Masters BPS Meet– Saturday 23rd February, 2019

Entries for the 2019 Merrylands SwimFest & Masters BPS meets are open but close over the next 2 weeks. The program of events for each meet are available online and are also attached to today’s Whales Tales.

SwimFest entries close 5.00pm Saturday 9th February, 2019. Members of our club will receive a discount on their SwimFest event entries. To receive your discount, make sure you enter using the "Entries for Merrylands Members" button on the Online Entries page.

Masters BPS entries close at 12.00pm Friday 15th February, 2019. Entries to the Masters BPS are also open. This meet is also open to swimmers who are not members of Masters and would like to compete. So if you are 18 or older and can swim 50 metres we encourage you to enter the meet online.

Please advise Graham of your availability for the day to help with the various jobs.

Masters Swimming Renewal

If you are a Masters swimmer it is time to renew your Masters membership if you haven’t already done so. Masters membership runs over the calendar year and you will need to be a current member for upcoming Masters events such as the National (March) & State (April) Championships.

Speedo Sprint Series Heats

This afternoon we have 16 of our junior swimmers competing in the Speedo Sprint Series Heats at SOPAC. We wish all of our swimmers good luck and for those experiencing a swim meet at SOPAC for the first time, we know you will enjoy your experience. May the Whale be with you all.  

Club Uniform

For all club uniform orders visit the online shop
If you have any questions about club uniform items please see the Property Officer (Margaret Edwards).

Member Profile

We have run out of Member profiles to publish, so please see Graham to provide your profile information for inclusion in future editions of the Whales Tales.

Technical Officials

Would you like to obtain a technical accreditation? Most roles are now available with an online module. Details can be found at Age is from secondary school student up. Best of all these modules are free to members of Swimming NSW. Please see Graham for more information.

Upcoming Events




MASC 50metre Breaststroke

Saturday 2nd February


Speedo Sprint Series - MSW Heats

Saturday 2nd February


MASC 50metre Freestyle

Saturday 9th February

Thursday 7th February

MASC 200metre Individual Medley Boys 14 ys – SNR, Girls 13yrs - SNR

Saturday 16th February

Thursday 14th February

MSW Area LC C/ships (13yrs & under)

Saturday 16th February

Tuesday 5th February

MASC 400metre Freestyle Open

Saturday 23rd February

Thursday 21st February

Merrylands Masters BPS Meet

Saturday 23rd February

Friday 15th February

Merrylands Swimfest Meet

Saturday 23rd February

Saturday 9th February

MASC 200metre Freestyle

Saturday 2nd March

Thursday 28th February

MASC 50metre Backstroke

Saturday 9th March

Thursday 7th March

Whales Challenge

Saturday 16th March

Thursday 14th March

MASC 400metre Freestyle Age

Saturday 30th March

Thursday 28th March

Thank you to our sponsors for their support of our club

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