Issue 19, 2018/2019

Merrylands Swimming Centre

The storm on Friday 8th February 2019 caused damage to infrastructure at Merrylands Swimming Centre, dumping mud and debris from the storm overflow through the swimming centre into the 50 metre pool. Unfortunately this caused the swimming centre to close and as you know we had to cancel races planned for last Saturday morning. Repairs and cleaning of the pool have continued this week and we hope to see the pool open early next week. This has meant the need to transfer this week’s squad training and club races to Wentworthville Swimming Centre. Thank you for everyone’s patience during this period and thank you to Cumberland Council for their flexibility in providing us with an alternative venue during the closure of Merrylands Swimming Centre.

50 metre & 200 metre Freestyle Championship re-schedule

The cancellation of club races last week has meant the need to re-schedule the 50 metre Freestyle Age & 200 metre Freestyle Open Championships. With a packed end to the season the re-scheduling has been a tough task which the Race Secretary (thanks Alison) has worked on and we have agreed to hold the postponed Championships on Saturday 9th March, 2019. This means the 50 metre Backstroke and 50 metre Freestyle, as well as the 200 metre Open Championships for these strokes will be swum on the same day.

Entries submitted for the Freestyle Championships will be carried over to the 9th March, 2019. No late entries for the Freestyle Championships will be accepted.

Swimmers will be able to enter two other events on the morning in addition to the Championship races. Keep an eye on the club website for further details of the program and order of events for the morning.

Merrylands SwimFest & Masters BPS Meets – Saturday 23rd February, 2019

Entries have closed for both of these meets. We will need to set up during the morning and undertake our usual range of jobs throughout both meets, so everyone’s help is important and appreciated.

Metro South West Junior Area Championships

We have 13 swimmers competing in the MSW Area Junior Championships at SOPAC today. We wish all of our swimmers the best of luck. May the Whale be with you all. We look forward to celebrating your efforts at presentation next week.

Swimming NSW Membership System Change

Swimming NSW will be switching to a new membership system (Swim Central) on 25th February, 2019. As part of the change all members aged 18 & over will require a unique email address. Please log in to to update your contact details.

Please remember to keep your contact details on your membership records up to date. We can't contact you about pool closures, changes to club or training if your contact details aren't correct. Log in to to check yours are correct today. Your login details are the same as the ones used for online entries.

Relay Nominated Time Changes

If your relay team would like to change their nominated time, you need to provide the new time to the Race Secretary BEFORE the relay event is swum on Saturday 9th March, 2019.

50th Anniversary Celebrations

The 50th Anniversary Dinner will be held on Saturday 6th April, 2019 at the Holroyd Centre. For more details & online booking visit the 50th Anniversary page.

Learn to Swim

With the temporary closure of Merrylands Swimming Centre we have had to cancel Learn to Swim lessons planned for Saturday 9th and 16th February, 2019. As the SwimFest and Masters BPS meets are being held next Saturday, the next Learn to Swim lessons will be held on Saturday 2nd March, 2019. We apologise to all of our Learn to Swim participants for the cancellations, however limited pool space this week means we are not able to hold the planned lessons.

Club Uniform

For all club uniform orders visit the online shop
If you have any questions about club uniform items please see the Property Officer (Margaret Edwards).

Technical Officials

Would you like to obtain a technical accreditation? Most roles are now available with an online module. Details can be found at Age is from secondary school student up. Best of all these modules are free to members of Swimming NSW. Please see Graham for more information.

Upcoming Events




MASC 200metre Individual Medley Boys 14 ys – SNR, Girls 14yrs - SNR

Saturday 16th February


MSW Area LC C/ships (13yrs & under)

Saturday 16th February


MASC 400metre Freestyle Open

Saturday 23rd February

Thursday 21st February

Merrylands Masters BPS Meet

Saturday 23rd February


Merrylands Swimfest Meet

Saturday 23rd February


MASC 200metre Freestyle

Saturday 2nd March

Thursday 28th February

MASC 50metre Backstroke

Saturday 9th March

Thursday 7th March

MASC 50metre Freestyle

Saturday 9th March


Whales Challenge

Saturday 16th March

Thursday 14th March

MASC 400metre Freestyle Age

Saturday 30th March

Thursday 28th March

Thank you to our sponsors for their support of our club

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