Aquablitz Toongabbie wins Merrylands SwimFest

Congratulations to AquaBlitz Toongabbie who won the Merrylands SwimFest on Saturday.

Mounties finished the meet in 2nd place, with Merrylands 3rd.

Thank you to everyone who attended the meet and to all the members of our club and visiting volunteers who worked at the meet, we couldn't have run it without you and you did a great job.

The results of the meet, including the full pointscore are available in the SwimFest section of our website.

We would like to thank the sponsors of the meet for their continued support.

The 2019 Merrylands SwimFest Swim Meet is proudly sponsored by:

  • Merrylands Bowling & Sports Club
  • Starr Partners
  • Merrylands Swimming Squad

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