Issue 6, 2020/2021

Club Captains

All financial first claim members should have received an email this week with a personal link to the online voting system. If you haven’t yet submitted your vote online please do so before 9.30am this morning when voting closes.

Correction - Upcoming Events

Previous editions of Whales Tales had incorrect information about the Upcoming Events. The 200m Freestyle Championship on Saturday 28th November is for Seniors (Boys 14 years & over and Girls 13 years & over) and Veterans. The 200m Freestyle championship for Juniors (Boys 10 – 13 years & Girls 10 – 12 years) is on Saturday 12th December.

Fundraising Chocolates

In previous years we have undertaken fundraising through the sale of chocolates. This fundraising assists with the purchase of trophies and awards at the Annual Presentation. With COVID impacts we would like to gauge interest in participating in this fundraising.

If you are interested in participating in the fundraising please email the Social Secretary (Emily Ton) ( advising you would like chocolates to sell. We will then place orders for the specific number of chocolates required for sale.

Club Race Entries

Entries for club races are only accepted online and they close at 8.00pm Thursday. So plan your swims and ensure your entries are completed in time.

Remember there are limits to the number of swims you can do each week and this depends on the events being held (eg Championships). When you log in to Swim Central to submit your entries please ensure you read the Number of Entries Permitted based on your age group before purchasing your entries.

Metro South West Senior Championships

The MSW Senior Championships were held last weekend at SOPAC. Congratulations to our team of 7 swimmers who competed at the meet. Details of their results are here.

Whales Challenge

The first Whales Challenge will be held on Saturday 5th December. You can purchase your Maroon caps for this event through the online store

Relay Competition

Remember to complete your team’s weekly entry form each morning before you race. This form is needed to nominate the 4 team members swimming.

Nominate your Swimmers

Club Uniforms

We have a great range of club uniforms available for sale. These can be purchased through the club’s online shop.

Orders are being taken for club hoodies, so if you have any questions about club uniforms please talk to the Property Officer (Margaret Edwards).

Club Championship Results

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed in the 200m Individual Medley Championships (Juniors) last week. The results are here.

Congratulations also to Matthew Vicic who set a new Club Record.

Remember to check the season program and plan your swims to ensure you complete your qualification swims for the Championship events.

Contact Information

Your contact & emergency contact details are important to us and we need them to be up-to-date at all times, as we may need to quickly communicate with you or your emergency contact.

Please check your swim central profile and ensure your contact details (parents & children) are up-to-date.

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Protocols

for Spectators & Volunteers

The club operates under a COVID-19 Safety Plan and it is continually updated as health guidelines change. Health guidelines play an important role in setting the protocols the club is required to comply with.

We ask for your assistance in complying with the protocols & plan in place. We will communicate changes as they occur and these updates can be found here.

Please remember:

  • Anyone (coach/athlete/parent/official/spectator) who is unwell for any reason should not attend any training, competition or club activity;
  • If you become unwell whilst at the pool please advise us and leave immediately;
  • Protect yourself and others from getting sick by following good personal hygiene practices and maintaining physical distancing. We have hand sanitiser available for your use;
  • Swimmers should not share any equipment including googles, drink bottles or towels;
  • Maintain social distancing when at the swimming centre. We have designated areas around the pool and ask for your assistance in complying with these;
  • If you wish to wear a mask whilst at the pool we recommend that you bring this with you;
  • Download the COVID-19 app to assist with contact tracing if it is required.

We must keep a record of all people attending club events (club races and training sessions) for contact tracing purposes.

  • Competitors are recorded automatically through their online race entry so they do not need to sign in on a Saturday morning;
  • Officials, Volunteers & Spectators (who aren’t competing in races) must sign in at the pool entry (Council has an app option or paper form to complete). In addition, the club is required to also record attendees, so we ask that you sign in using the button above to complete an online form each time you attend a club event.
  • Normal pool entry applies and you will need to scan your Council pool card for entry;
  • No club room access. Access is limited for only obtaining equipment required to be used.
  • We recommend you leave the swimming centre after completing club races. 

Referee Tips

With Championship races well underway now, we have seen a number of disqualifications in races. Below are some tips and things to think about for your races:


  • Check the races (heat & lane) you are in when the Information about Club Races is emailed to you. This will help ensure you know when you are racing;
  • Keep an eye on what races are in the water so you can be in the marshalling area ready for your race;
  • Let the marshall know as early as possible if you are not going to swim in a race.

The Start

  • Make sure your googles are on correctly before you step onto the starting platform;
  • When the starter announces “Take your Marks” make sure you immediately take up your starting position with at least one foot at the front of the starting platform and remain stationery until the starting signal sounds.


  • Remain on your back throughout the race (except to execute a turn) including at the finish;
  • Make sure you are not completely underwater prior to or at the finish of the race.


  • You can only execute one butterfly kick prior to, during, or after your first stroke (when you can take your arms completely back to your legs);
  • Your second stroke must be a breaststroke and your head must have broken the surface of the water before your hands turn inwards during this stroke;
  • Your hands must not be brought back past your hips during each stroke;
  • The touch at any turn and the finish of the race must be with both hands separated & simultaneously on the wall.


  • You must kick using a butterfly kick and not alternate your legs or fee during the kick;
  • The touch at any turn and the finish of the race must be with both hands separated & simultaneously on the wall.

Individual Medley

  • You must finish each section of the race in accordance with the rules for that stroke;
  • In the backstroke section of the race you must finish the stroke on your back. This means you cannot tumble turn BEFORE touching the wall whilst on your back;
  • In the Butterfly & Breaststroke sections of the race you must touch the wall with both hands separated & simultaneously;
  • In the Freestyle section of the race you must swim Freestyle (and not any of the other strokes).

Upcoming Events




MASC 100metre Freestyle

Saturday 14th November


MSW Area Open Water Championships

Female only

Sunday 15th November


MASC 100metre Butterfly

Saturday 21st November

Thursday 19th November

MSW Area Open Water Championships

Male only

Sunday 22nd November

Tuesday 17th November

MASC 200metre Freestyle (SNR)

Saturday 28th November

Thursday 26th November

NSW Metropolitan Junior Championships


Saturday 28th November

Sunday 29th November

Tuesday 17th November

MASC 200metre IM Championship (Open)

Saturday 5th December

Thursday 3rd December

Whales Challenge

Saturday 5th December

Thursday 3rd December

MASC 200metre Freestyle (JNR)

Saturday 12th December

Thursday 10th December

MASC 800metre Freestyle (Open)

Saturday 19th December

Thursday 17th December

Christmas – New Year Break

Saturday 26th December



Thank you to our major sponsors who provide fantastic support to our club. If you know of a business or organisation who may be interested in providing sponsorship or support to our club please let us know.

Club Merrylands Charity Raffle

Tickets can be purchased online. When purchasing your tickets record you are from our club and we have the chance to win $500.

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