Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards

Peter Johnston has been presented with a Lifetime Service Award at the Australian Not-For-Profit Technology Awards.

Peter received the award for his technology-related service to Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club.  Peter has been providing his services since the mid 1990s and continuously adapts and finds ways to enhance accessibility to members of the club and wider community.

There are so many examples of Peter's contributions and just some of the things he does include developing the club's website in 1999, developing a new membership system and results database, producing the club's 40th Anniversary DVD, implementing electronic timing and online entries, obtaining sponsorship for IT products, implementing an online store, acting as Metro South West webmaster, creating databases for managing qualifications and enrolments, Dive-In Movie pre-show advertisements and videos, implementing Teams for remotely coaching swimmers at international events, live streaming of training sessions, automation of results and organising virtual committee meetings.

Peter volunteers so much of his time behind the scenes to provide these services to our club.

Thank you for all you do Peter!

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