Short Course Club Races

On Saturday, 22nd May, we will be running our first ever Short Course club races in the indoor pool at Guildford Swimming Centre.

Starting at 5pm (warm-up from 4:45pm), these races are being held primarily to give swimmers an opportunity to qualify for winter swimming meets, however all members are welcome to attend and participate.

Swimmers may enter up to 5 events which may include:

  • A maximum of 1 - 400m event in event 13
  • A maximum of 2 - 200m events (one in event 2 and/or one in event 21)

The standard 25m Break Times apply (i.e. if you have broken the 25m for a stroke on a Saturday morning during summer, you may not swim 25m in that stroke).

The entry fee is $4 per event, however pool entry is free for all swimmers and spectators (the higher event entry fee is required to cover the pool hire costs).

Entry is completed via our website and close on Friday, 14th May at 8pm.

What events should I enter?

Swimmers should consider entering events they wish to qualify for at Area, Metropolitan or State Championships - this means primarily 100m events for most swimmers, and the 200m IM. If you already have a qualifying time, consider 200m or 400m events.

As a guide, the 2019 qualifying times for the Area Championships are here.
The qualifying times for the 2021 Metropolitan and State Championships are available on our website here.

If you are unsure what you should enter, speak to your coach.

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