Issue 2, 2021/2022

Season Program

With the loss of the first 2 weeks of our planned season and the impact of numerous championship meets in the coming months the Competition Committee has been reviewing the season program and the Committee has agreed to some changes to the program for this season.

The major change this season is to championship races. To provide the full championship program this season we have had to compact some of the weeks that championship races are conducted. This means there may be more than one championship held in a morning. The first championships to be held this season will be on Saturday 27th November and they will be 100 metres Freestyle and 100 metres Breaststroke. To allow us to complete these championships on the same morning, championship races will be held as Open events. Age championship results will be determined based on the times swum in the Open championship races.

The full season program will be published shortly and this can be found on the club website at

We will still provide graded club races on these mornings, but they will be a limited program to provide the opportunity for members who are not competing in championship events to have swims and to also allow qualification for upcoming championship events.

Please take the time to review the season program and plan your qualifying swims early.

We also plan to recommence championship presentation after club races, so we can recognise and celebrate the performances in these events.

Whales Challenge #1

The first of the 3 Whales Challenges this season is being held this morning. Good luck to the White”Emery” & Maroon “Turner” teams as they strive for glory.

Club Captains

Nominations for the positions of Male and Female Club Captains are open and close at 9.30am on week 4 (13th November, 2021). All financial first claim members can vote for these positions on week 6 (27th November, 2021).

Financial first claim member aged 14 years and over are eligible to nominate to be a club captain. In summary the roles and responsibilities include:

  • Club races – assisting with marshalling, organising the 25m rope for these races, organising Whales Challenge relay teams, sale of raffle tickets & preparing the awards for championship presentation;
  • Learn to Swim – set up and pack up of equipment & assisting in lessons;
  • Swim Meets – acting as team captains, supervising teams members throughout the meet, ensuring swimmers attend marshalling for their races;
  • Club Presentation – assisting with the event;
  • General – mentoring new members and other activities as determined by the Committee

 Nominations for Club Captain can be submitted here.

Club Uniforms

We have a great range of club uniforms available for sale. These can be purchased through the club’s online shop. 

Some items require special orders to be placed, so minimum numbers may be required before orders for these items can be placed with the supplier.

If you have any questions about club uniforms please talk to the Property Officer (Margaret Edwards).

Championship Eligibility

The Club By-Laws set out the Eligibility to Compete in Championships (By-Law 21). Some key points to remember are:

  • Only Financial First Claim Members are eligible to compete in Championships;
  • Entrants must have swum that stroke and that distance in the current season.

It is therefore important to plan your swims so that you have swum the stroke and distance if you plan to compete in the Championship for that stroke and distance. The season program sets out the Championship dates to allow appropriate planning of your swims.

There are many situations that may arise which impact on swimmers plans. These situations may mean for example that the pool is closed for club races or the individual swimmer may have circumstances which preclude them from swimming at a particular time (for example COVID-19 health guidelines constantly being changed and updated). All members must continue to comply with health guidelines that are in place and there may be circumstances arise which impact on your ability to swim the stroke and distance in eligibility preparation.

As such the Committee strongly recommends that swimmers plan and undertake their eligibility swims as early in the season as possible, rather than leaving these swims to the last week available before the Championship event is to be swum.

A failure by a swimmer to swim an eligibility swim will preclude their participation in that Championship.

Junior Handicap

It was great to see two heats of the Junior Handicap last Saturday. Great swims with the chasers hot on the heels of the scratch starters. Congratulations to William Johnston and Chloe Ton who won their heats last week.

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Protocols

As we all know Public Health Orders and Guidelines are constantly updated and they play an important role in setting the protocols the club is required to comply with. A new COVID-19 Safety Plan for the club has been developed in line with the current Public Health Orders.

We ask for your assistance in complying with the protocols & plan in place. We will communicate changes as they occur and these updates can be found online at

Please remember:

  • You must check in using the Council QR code at pool entry;
  • Anyone (coach/athlete/parent/official/spectator) who is unwell for any reason should not attend any training, competition or club activity;
  • If you become unwell whilst at the pool please advise us and leave immediately;
  • Protect yourself and others from getting sick by following good personal hygiene practices and maintaining physical distancing. We have hand sanitiser available for your use;
  • Swimmers should not share any equipment including googles, drink bottles or towels;
  • Maintain social distancing when at the swimming centre. We have designated areas around the pool and ask for your assistance in complying with these;
  • Access to the club room is available for officials only to retrieve equipment required for club use;
  • If you wish to wear a mask whilst at the pool we recommend that you bring this with you.


Relay Competition

This morning is the first team relay time trial. There will be additional time trials held over the next two Saturday mornings (13th & 20th November). The first competition relay race will be held on Saturday 27th November.

So start getting your teams together (maximum of 6 team members per team) to take on all the other contenders. The team entry form and swimmer nomination forms can be found at

Squad Enrolment

If you would like to join squad training please complete the squad enrolment. Full details of squad enrolment and changes to training for this season can be found at

All swimmers must complete new enrolment forms and their club membership. The steps to follow are:

  1. Review the new COVID-19 Conditions
  2. Download your COVID-19 Digital Certificate (PDF) from Services Australia
  3. Complete your Club Membership renewal, including uploading your COVID-19 Digital Certificate
  4. Complete your Squad Enrolment
  5. Purchase your Squad Multi-Session Pass and any new equipment you need
  6. Download a copy of your Membership Card

Swimmers must not attend sessions if unwell, for any reason. It is also possible sessions may need to be cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Technical Officials

Welcome back to all of our technical officials. For those who are non-swimming members don’t forget to renew your Dry/Support membership to ensure your technical accreditation remains current.


Club Membership is for a 12 month period from 1st October to 30th September each year. The annual membership fee includes affiliation to Swimming NSW, Swimming Australia and insurance coverage.

Changes this season include:

  • New COVID-19 Conditions for entry to the pool and for training
  • New Membership Categories and prices, resulting in lower membership fees for many swimmers. You can now choose to join as a Recreational Swimmer if you don't swim Club Races, or a Club Swimmer if you don't swim at external swimming meets. Your membership can be upgraded at a later date if required.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate or Medical Exemption must be uploaded with your club membership application.
  • No physical membership cards - you will need to download a copy of your membership card from Swim Central to show to Council Staff when requested.
  • All people entering the swimming centre will be required to use the Service NSW QR code and show Council Staff proof of vaccination.

 The Club Membership Fees for 2021/2022 are listed below. The fees include the Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia Membership fees. 

  • Dry/Supporter: $23
  • Recreational Swimmer: $50
  • Club Swimmer: $70.00*
  • Full Swimmer: $86.00

 Additional Fees apply for Masters Membership.

 * Free Membership for 8yrs & Under

Thanks to a grant received from Club Merrylands swimmers aged 8yrs & Under, who regularly swim in our club races or train in our squad program may be eligible to receive a reimbursement on their membership fees. For more information on eligibility criteria and how to claim reimbursement see the club website.


We receive great support from our club sponsors and we thank them for this support.


Upcoming Meet Calendar




Whales Challenge #1

Saturday 6th November


Whales Challenge #2

Saturday 20th November

Thursday 18th November

MASC 100m Freestyle Championship

Saturday 27th November

Thursday 25th November

MASC 100m Breaststroke Championship

Saturday 27th November

Thursday 25th November

MASC 100m Backstroke Championship

Saturday 4th December

Thursday 2nd December

MASC 100m Butterfly Championship

Saturday 4th December

Thursday 2nd December

MASC 400m Individual Medley Championship (Open)

Saturday 11th December

Thursday 9th December

NSW Multi-Class Championships

Saturday 11th December

Thursday 30th November

NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 18th December

Sunday 19th December

Tuesday 7th December

NSW Open Water Championships

Monday 20th December

Tuesday 21st December

Tuesday 14th December

NSW Senior State Championships

Thursday 20th January

Tuesday 25th January

Tuesday 11th January

Speedo Sprint Series - Heats

Sunday 13th February

Thursday 12th November

MASC SwimFest

Saturday 19th February


MSW Area Championships

Saturday 26th February

Sunday 27th February


NSW State Open Championships

Friday 4th March

Sunday 6th March


Speedo Sprint Series - Finals

Saturday 12th March

Qualify via Heats

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 19th March

Sunday 20th March


NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 26th March

Sunday 27th March



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