Issue 8, 2021/2022

Christmas Wishes

With 2021 drawing to a close I’m sure everyone is looking forward to a great time celebrating with families.

On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank everyone for their help in getting club activities back in our lives. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2022 ahead.

Today is our last swim before a two-week break for Christmas and New Year. Following club races today we will be holding a number of activities:

  • 400m IM championship presentations
  • Squad Christmas party
  • Novelty races and events
  • Breakfast with the Stars
  • Christmas Hamper draw

Club Return – Saturday 8th January 2022

Club races will resume on Saturday 8th January, 2022. The Merrylands 50’s will be swum and won on the day. Entries for this event are through online entries as usual.

Freestyle Turns Workshop

Our coaches are holding a freestyle turns workshop with Masters Swimming NSW. This is being held on Saturday 8th January, 2022 (9.00am – 10.00am). The workshop is open to any adult members of our club, whether you are a masters member or not and there is no charge for this workshop for our adult members. Register your interest at

Squad Training Break

The last training session for 2021 will be held on Thursday, 23rd December and training will resume on Tuesday, 4th January, 2022. If you will be away during January please complete the training break form.

Swim Meets

Last weekend Vanessa Ozols competed at the Swimming NSW Multi-Class Championships. Vanessa achieved a PB in the 200m Freestyle final and won her first gold and silver medals. Vanessa also rubbed shoulders with a number of Paralympians. Congratulations Vanessa šŸ‘

The Swimming NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships are being held this weekend at SOPAC. We wish Joseph Assi, Unish Shrestha & Chloe Ton the best of luck in their events and may the whale be with each of you. šŸ‹

The Swimming NSW Open Water Championships are being held on Monday 20th December & Tuesday 21st December at the Regatta Centre Penrith. Matthew Vicic is competing in the 5klm championship. Good luck Matthew, we know you have been putting in the long distance training in preparation for this. May the whale be with you

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Information & Conditions for Attendees can be found here.

Championship Results – 11th December 2021

400m Individual Medley

Age Group




Womens Open

Alison Sakurovs

Summer Shrestha

Laura-Belle Casey

Mens Open

Matthew Vicic

Peter Johnston

Ian Wilson

FINA Swimming Rules Interpretations

During 2021 (Version 17.03.2021) FINA issued interpretations to a number of rules These are:


SW 4.4 Any swimmer starting before the starting signal has been given, shall be disqualified. If the starting signal sounds before the disqualification is declared, the race shall continue and the swimmer or swimmers shall be disqualified upon completion of the race. If the disqualification is declared before the starting signal, the signal shall not be given, but the remaining swimmers shall be called back and start again. The Referee repeats the starting procedure beginning with the long whistle (the second one for Backstroke) as per SW 2.1.5.


After all swimmers are “stationary” (SW 4.1), any swimmer initiating a start before the signal may be disqualified when such movement is observed and confirmed by both the starter and referee (SW 2.1.6). When video timing is available (FR 4.7.3), it may be used to verify the disqualification.


SW 7.6 At each turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at, above, or below the water level. At the last stroke before the turn and at the finish an arm stroke not followed by a leg kick is permitted. The head may be submerged after the last arm pull prior to the touch, provided it breaks the surface of the water at some point during the last complete or incomplete cycle preceding the touch.


“Separated” means that the hands cannot be stacked one on top of the other. It is not necessary to see space between the hands. Incidental contact at the fingers is not a concern.