Issue 10, 2021/2022

Welcome to 2022

We wish everyone a happy and safe 2022.

With the swimming centre closed over the past weekends it’s a later resumption of club races in 2022 than we had planned. Changes have been made to the race program, with the Butterfly championships planned for last Saturday being swum this morning. Good luck to all swimmers competing in these championships.

Swim Meet Results

The Swimming NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships were held at SOPAC just before Christmas. Our club was represented by 3 swimmers, Joseph Assi, Unish Shrestha & Chloe Ton.

Joseph Assi and Unish Shrestha both swam in the 50m Breaststroke. Joseph swam a new personal best time and Unish finished in his second fastest time, just outside the PB he achieved the week before.

Joseph saved his best until last in the 100m Breaststroke. Joseph took over a second off his time and came 10th, achieving his first Metropolitan Finalist result.

Chloe Ton achieved a personal best time in the 50m Freestyle in her first Metropolitan Championships.

There have also been a number of Open Water Championships swum over the past few weeks.

Swimming NSW State Open Water Championships

These were held in late December 2021 at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Matthew Vicic represented our club and swam a time of 1:15:33.13, taking 2½ minutes off his previous time for this event.

Metro South West Open Water Championships

These were held on Sunday 9th January 2022 at the Sydney International Regatta Centre. Our club was represented by 7 swimmers with 4 (Unish, Daniel, Joseph & Joab) swimming in the first open water competition.

Results in the age groups were:

Alison Sakurovs (1st - 5 klm)
Niushka Shrestha (6th - 2.5klm)
Nevah Shrestha (8th - 2.5klm)
Unish Shrestha (3rd – 2.5klm)
Daniel Vicic (4th – 2.5klm)
Joab Hada (5th – 2.5klm)
Joseph Assi (6th – 2.5klm) 

Congratulations to everyone on their swims.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Information & Conditions for Attendees

With COVID-19 currently being active in our local community it is important that everyone take steps to reduce the risk of transmission.

These steps include:

  • Any swimmer, volunteer, coach or spectator who is feeling unwell in any way, or has symptoms or signs of COVID-19 must not attend until full recovery has taken place
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear a face mask where physical distancing is not possible
  • All swimmers should follow the ‘get in, swim, get out’ approach and should avoid showering/using changeroom facilities where possible. Come ready to swim, and leave the pool as soon as possible
  • Access to the Club Room and Old Club Room is restricted
  • Swimmers are required to have all their own equipment. Swimmers are not permitted to share equipment or drink bottles. Food and drink should not be shared

As the ability to swim eligibility swims for championship events may be affected we strongly recommend that swimmers plan and undertake their eligibility swims as early in the season as possible, rather than leaving these swims to the last week available before the Championship event is to be swum.

A failure by a swimmer to swim an eligibility swim will preclude their participation in that Championship.

Swimming Facts

Some health & fitness swimming facts (

  • In one hour, swimming burns about 40% more calories than biking
  • Swimming burns about 30% more calories than running per hour
  • Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs
  • Swimming can improve exercise-induced asthma
  • Swimming lowers stress and depression
  • Aerobic activities like swimming can reduce inflammation

Upcoming Championship & Meet Calendar




MASC 50m, 25m & 200m (Open) Individual Medley Championship

Saturday 22nd January


NSW Senior State Championships

Thursday 20th January

Tuesday 25th January


MASC 50m, 25m & 200m (Open) Breaststroke Championships

Saturday 29th January

Thursday 27th January

MASC 400m Freestyle Championship

Saturday 29th January

Thursday 27th January

MASC 50m, 25m & 200m (Open) Freestyle Championships

Saturday 5th February

Thursday 3rd February

MASC 50m, 25m & 200m (Open) Backstroke Championships

Saturday 12th February

Thursday 10th February

MASC 200m Individual Medley Championships

Saturday 12th February

Thursday 10th February

Speedo Sprint Series - Heats

Sunday 13th February

Thursday 3rd February

MASC SwimFest

Saturday 19th February

Saturday 5th February

MSW Area LC Championships

Saturday 26th February

Sunday 27th February

Wednesday 16th February

NSW State Open Championships

Friday 4th March

Sunday 6th March


MASC 800m (Open) Freestyle Championship

Saturday 12th March

Thursday 10th March

Speedo Sprint Series - Finals

Saturday 12th March

Qualify via Heats

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 19th March

Sunday 20th March


MASC 1500m (Open) Freestyle Championship

Saturday 26th March

Thursday 24th March

NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 26th March

Sunday 27th March


MSW 5 – 8 Meet

Saturday 2nd April



We receive great support from our club sponsors and we thank them for this support.

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