Club Races Return

Club Races return for the 2022/2023 season on Saturday, 8th October, 2022.

The program for the Summer Season and the Time Record Sheet can be found in the Club Races section and entries are now open online for the first two weeks. Entries must be submitted through Swim Central. No manual entries will be accepted.

You will need to have completed your Club Membership before you can enter the races.

The first Club Championship - the 200m Individual Medley - will be held on Saturday, 22nd October. Remember, you must have swum that stroke and distance in the current season to qualify for the championship, so complete your qualifying swims as soon as possible.

Some championships will be combined this season and some weeks will have multiple championship events. For the 100m events, 200m Freestyle, 200m Individual Medley and 400m Freestyle, competitors will enter their Age Championship. All competitors will swim together in an Open event to determine the results for the Open Championship, with the results split into ages to determine the Age Championship results. The times swum in the race will be used to determine the places for the Age Championship and Open Championship, with points allocated in each competition and the Graded Point Score. Males and Females will be seeded separately.

Check the online entries carefully to determine how many swims you may enter each week, based on your age and the championships being held.

COVID-19 Safety Information

Anyone (coach/athlete/parent/official/spectator) who is unwell for any reason should not attend any training, competition or club activity.

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