Issue 12, 2022/2023

Christmas Celebration

Well, we are now halfway through the current season and Christmas provides a time to celebrate and rejuvenate for the new year.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank everyone for their help with club activities. We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2023 ahead.

Today is our last swim of 2022 and club races resume on Saturday 7th January 2023 (squad training resumes on Tuesday 3rd January 2023).

Following club races today we will have:

  • Novelty races and events
  • Christmas Breakfast & Hamper draw

Merrylands 50’s

The Merrylands 50s is a knockout handicap competition with 3 rounds: Preliminaries and Semi-Finals, all leading to a Final with a winner-takes-all prize at the end. The top swimmers from each round progress to the next round. Each swimmer is given a time handicap, so everyone has a chance of winning.

Just enter Club Races as usual for the 7th January.

Updated conditions for attendees at all club activities

Updated conditions applicable for attendees wanting to attend any club activity (e.g. club races, squad training & social events) can be found here:

Important Club Reminders

We want to reiterate some important membership requirements:

  • Parents of swimmers under the age of 18yrs are required to attend club races with their children. It is not a babysitting service and if at least one parent is not able to attend then the child/children should not attend club races that morning;
  • The club is run by volunteers and requires the assistance of everyone to be able to run club races each week. We require at least one parent from each family attending club races on the morning to assist with jobs around the pool deck. This means a parent of each family is required to assist with roles such as timekeeping, marshalling, check starting;
  • Arrive at the pool early to assist with set up and be ready for races to start at 7.00am. Set up and pack up of the club’s equipment is not the domain of 1 or 2 people. Everyone can assist with this. So why not come down earlier and learn how to set up.
  • Even if your child/children are not swimming in the first event being at the pool assists us in getting races started on time as we need to ensure we have enough timekeepers to start races;
  • When timekeeping please ensure you use the lanyard to secure the stopwatch around your neck, remain quiet when a race is about to commence (the referee’s whistle is an alert for you that a race is about to start, as well as inviting the swimmers to get on the blocks or enter the pool), concentrate on the swimmer in your lane and be in the correct position at each turn and the finish of the race, i.e. looking directly down the pool wall so you can see the swimmer touch the wall.

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




MSW Long Course Qualifying Meet

8th January


Speedo Sprint Series Heats

12th February

31st January

Merrylands SwimFest

18th February

4th February

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

25th February & 26th February

14th February

Speedo Sprint Series Finals

4th March

Qualify via Heats meet

NSW State Open Championships

10th March to 12th March

28th February

NSW Junior State Age Championships

25th March & 26th March

14th March


Thank you to our major sponsors who provide fantastic support to our club. If you know of a business or organisation that may be interested in providing sponsorship or support to our club please speak to Graham Edwards.

School Holidays


Tuesday 10 January 10.30-12pm
Great prizes to be won
Register at

Kids Disco

Tuesday 17 January 11-1pm
Who is ready to party? Dress up in your favourite costume and join in the fun, Kids FREE soft drink, Prizes up for grabs
Register at

Kids Barefoot Bowls

Thursday 19 January and Friday 20 January
Roll up for a fun day on the green
Register at

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