Issue 14, 2022/2023

Merrylands 50s

There was some exciting racing in the Merrylands 50s last week. Congratulations to all who took part – we hope you enjoyed the event.

The top 3 in the final were:


Matthew Vicic



Daniel Vicic



Peter Johnston


Well done to Matt on taking out the competition for this year!

Metro South West Qualifying Meet

Congratulations to our team at the Metro South West Qualifying Meet last week. It was a long meet, plagued with technical difficulties – the highlight being a meltdown of the timing system with 50m left to swim in one of the 800m Freestyle heats. Good times. Nevertheless, our team performed very well maintaining a positive attitude and bringing home 3* medals and 9 PBs. Great job!

* Well, it should have been 3 medals, but for one swimmer who was told by an official the event had been amalgamated, swam in the wrong heat, and then because of the timing issues didn’t get a time.

Handicap Relay

The fun events continue this week with the 2x50m Handicap Relay. Entries have already closed, so if you didn’t enter, you’re too late. Sorry.

Merrylands SwimFest – Entries open

The clock is ticking on entries for the Merrylands SwimFest with 21 days until the entries close.

The meet will be held on Saturday, 18th February, 2023 and we need everyone’s support in running the meet, and our swimmers to compete.

See the website for details, get your entries in and think about how you will help on the day.

Merrylands SwimFest – BBQ

What is a swim meet without a BBQ? The SwimFest involves feeding a small army of volunteers and officials, plus the visiting competitors and their families. You don’t need to be a Master Chef - if you can burn a sausage without burning yourself you are qualified. We need people to help cook and sell the BBQ so please volunteer when asked later this month.

Lions Club Award

Each month the Committee votes for the Lions Club Award – the club’s Volunteer of the Year.

Nominees last month:

Simon Johnston

Leanne Tovkach

Prafulla Shrestha

Sally Lee

Uma Shrestha

Peter Johnston

Alison Johnston

Mandy Smart

Matthew Vicic

Glenda Wood

Thank you to all these people for their work around the pool last month.

You can nominate a club member to recognise their service online here.

Entries for Club Races

Reminder: Entries close at 8pm on Thursdays! Entries are open for the rest of January, so there are no excuses. Championships resume in 2 weeks – don’t miss out just because you didn’t get your entries in.

Next Week: Boardshort Relay

Next week is our annual Australia Day Boardshort Relay. To get involved, just bring a pair of boardshorts to club and we will put you in a team.

Speedo Sprint Series Heats

Time is running out to enter the Speedo Sprint Series. Speak to your coach if you are unsure whether you should enter. Entries close on 31st January – see the website for details.

Do your kids know what is going on?

Keep your kids informed about what is happening. Print them a copy of the newsletter to read each week or sign them up to receive a copy via email.

P-Plate Award

P-Platers: they make silly mistakes; we all know it. But they aren’t the only ones. The P-Plate Award recognises (or perhaps highlights) the “Silly Mistake of the Year”.

Any swimmer, spectator or official 17 years or over (because they should know better) is in the running for this prestigious award. The good news is, once you have won it, you are unlikely to win it again (unless you do something really out there).

“So how can I be in the running for this award?”

I’m glad you asked. Previous winners have received the award for feats such as:

  • Making their cup of tea using the hotdog water
  • Disappearing with their stopwatch to the car park just as a meet was due to start
  • Repeatedly pressing the start button on the starting device rather than the microphone button when giving the “Take your marks” command.

If you have seen an outstanding performance, nominate the person here.

Set up and pack up

Thank you to the families that have been helping with set up and pack up for club races. Please remember to arrive before 6:50am to help set up the pool and then assist with packing up before you leave. Don’t know what needs to be done or where something goes? Ask one of the Committee members and they will point you in the right direction.

Club Uniforms

Order your club uniforms before the Merrylands SwimFest online here.

COVID-19 Conditions

Read the conditions for club races here.

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




Speedo Sprint Series Heats

12th February

31st January

Merrylands SwimFest

18th February

4th February

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

25th February & 26th February

14th February

Speedo Sprint Series Finals

4th March

Qualify via Heats meet

NSW State Open Championships

10th March to 12th March

28th February

NSW Junior State Age Championships

25th March & 26th March

14th March

NSW State Masters Championships

1st & 2nd April

24th March

School Holiday Activities

Kids Disco
Tuesday 17 January 11-1pm
Who is ready to party? Dress up in your favourite costume and join in the fun, Kids FREE soft drink, Prizes up for grabs
Register at

Kids Barefoot Bowls
Thursday 19 January and Friday 20 January
Roll up for a fun day on the green
Register at

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