Issue 16, 2022/2023

Merrylands SwimFest entries

Only 1 week to go before entries close (4th February) for the Merrylands SwimFest.

See the website for details, get your entries in and think about how you will help on the day.

Merrylands SwimFest jobs

We need lots of people to help run the meet and now is the time to volunteer.

Put your name down to do one of these jobs online today.

  • Timekeeper
  • Chief Timekeeper
  • BBQ Cook
  • BBQ Sales
  • Marshal
  • Check Starter
  • Starter
  • Announcer
  • Recorder
  • Runner
  • Medals
  • Refreshments

We will also need help setting up and packing up on the day.

Relay Competition

The Relay Competition resumes this week. Remember to nominate your 4 swimmers before the event here.

Teams can nominate a new time to swim against from the 4th February. If you want to nominate a new time to swim against, email the Race Secretary with your team name and new time before the race on 4th February.

Speedo Sprint Series Heats

Entries close on 31st January – see the website for details. Speak to your coach if you are unsure whether you should enter.

Club Uniforms

Order your club uniforms before the Merrylands SwimFest online here.

Video Promotion

A videographer will be attending Club Races next Saturday (4th February) to film some of our club activities and conduct some interviews with members to promote the club and one of our sponsors, Starr Partners.

Please make sure you are wearing your club uniform on the day.

Do your kids know what is going on?

Keep your kids informed about what is happening. Print them a copy of the newsletter to read each week or sign them up to receive a copy via email.

Lions Club Award

Each month the Committee votes for the Lions Club Award – the club’s Volunteer of the Year.

You can nominate a club member to recognise their service online here.

Speedo Sprint Series Heats

Entries close on 31st January – see the website for details. Speak to your coach if you are unsure whether you should enter.

Free Membership for kids 8 & Under

Did you know that thanks to Club Merrylands, we provide Free Membership for swimmers 8yrs & Under who regularly swim in our club races? Swimmers who meet the criteria can request a reimbursement of their membership fee. Details are here if you haven’t claimed your reimbursement yet.

Lucky Door Prize

The Lucky Door prize is back this week. You could win your choice of a Speedo kickboard, flipper bag or pair of Opal Mirror goggles. How do you win? You must be in attendance at the Championship presentation when your name is called to win.

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




Speedo Sprint Series Heats

12th February

31st January

Merrylands SwimFest

18th February

4th February

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

25th February & 26th February

14th February

Speedo Sprint Series Finals

4th March

Qualify via Heats meet

NSW State Open Championships

10th March to 12th March

28th February

NSW Junior State Age Championships

25th March & 26th March

14th March

NSW State Masters Championships

1st & 2nd April

24th March

Australian Masters Championships

18th – 22nd April

23rd March

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