18 Medals at Australian Masters Championships

After 4 big days of competition at the Australian Masters Championships in Adelaide over the past week, Merrylands' team has finished the meet with 18 medals and 11 new personal best times.

Alison Johnston took home 9 medals from the meet - 2 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze. Alison also swam 2 new personal best times at the meet. Steven Nguyen finished the meet with 8 medals - 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze, while Kylee Murray won her first national medal, finishing with Bronze in the 200m Backstroke. Kylee also swam 5 new personal best times. Melissa Cohen swam 4 new personal best times.

To top it all off, at the Presentation Dinner, Merrylands was named as the winner of the Life Member's Trophy at the meet for 2019. The Life Member's Trophy is for Clubs with 5-20 members and rewards performance & participation. It is calculated by taking the number of points gained at the National Championships, divided by the club's membership at end of the previous year.


Alison Johnston
   50m Freestyle  (Silver)
   100m Freestyle  (Silver)
   50m Backstroke  (Gold)
   100m Backstroke  (Silver)
   200m Backstroke  (Silver)
   50m Butterfly  (Bronze)
   100m Butterfly  (Silver)
   200m Individual Medley  (Silver)
   400m Individual Medley  (Gold)
Steven Nguyen
   100m Freestyle  (Bronze)
   200m Freestyle  (Silver)
   400m Freestyle  (Silver)
   50m Breaststroke  (Gold)
   100m Breaststroke  (Gold)
   200m Breaststroke  (Gold)
   50m Butterfly  (Silver)
   200m Individual Medley  (Silver)
Kylee Murray
   200m Backstroke  (Bronze)

Personal Best Times

Kylee Murray
   400m Freestyle
   50m Backstroke
   100m Backstroke
   200m Backstroke
   50m Butterfly
Melissa Cohen
   50m Freestyle
   200m Freestyle
   400m Freestyle
   50m Breaststroke
Alison Johnston
   100m Backstroke
   200m Backstroke

Medal Tally

 Gold 5
 Silver 10
 Bronze 3

Congratulations to our team on their results!

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