Issue 4, 2018/2019

100 metre Backstroke Championship – to be swum on Saturday 24th November, 2018

Following the postponement last Saturday we will now be holding the 100 metre Backstroke Championship races on Saturday 24th November, 2018. There will be 2 championships held on the day.

The order of events for the day will be:

  • 200 metre Individual Medley Championship (Open)
  • 50 metres Individual Medley
  • Butterfly – all distances
  • Breaststroke – all distances
  • Freestyle – all distances
  • 100 metre Backstroke Championships
  • Backstroke (50 metre, 25 metre & 33 metre only)
  • 200 metres choice
  • Relay
  • Senior Handicap
  • 15 metre

Note the 400 metre event has been removed from the program to provide time for the two championship events to be held on the same day.

Entries for the 100 metre Backstroke Championship have been carried over and swimmers will not need to re-enter if they had entered by the closing date. Swimmers who did not qualify for and enter the 100 Backstroke before the 20th  October, 2018 will be ineligible to compete in the 100 Backstroke Championship.

See the table below to confirm what events you can enter on the day:

6 years & under

7 – 9 years

10 – 16 years

17 + years

3 Swims

Age 100 Back
Open 100 Back
2 Other Swims

Open 200IM
Age 100 Back
Open 100 Back
2 Other Swims

Open 200IM
Age 100 Back
Open 100 Back
2 Other Swims
Senior H/Cap

Club Captains

Nominations for the positions of Male and Female Club Captains are open and close at 9.30am today. All financial first claim members can vote for these positions at week 6 (10th November, 2018).
I encourage all of our eligible members to nominate for these positions. See Graham today to nominate.

InterClub Cup

The InterClub Cup will be held at Granville Pool on Saturday 24th November, 2018 and this is a short meet where every swimmer (young and not so young) from our club competes. If you need to purchase club uniform items before this meet please see the club Property Officer (Margaret Edwards) & the club website to place an order.


Our chocolate fundraising activity is underway. Thankyou to those who have taken and sold chocolates. Please return funds to Vicki & Hayley Baker.

50th Anniversary

Our first event celebrating the club’s 50th anniversary swimming season will be Back To Merrylands Day & pool party on Saturday 10th November, 2018. Emails have been sent to former and life members this week and we had a short article in The Daily Telegraph last Monday advertising the day. If you know any of our former-members please let them know about the day and encourage them to come down to club races that morning. They will have the opportunity to join in club races and relive past glories, as well as some of the older “activities” they undertook.

A celebration dinner will be held at the end of the season on Saturday 6th April, 2019 at the Holroyd Centre. More details on the 50th Anniversary page.

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Club Merrylands – Grandparents Day

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the role grandparents and older people play in our society.

The campaign recognizes the diversity of grandparent relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds, and geographical locations.

It's a day to spend time with an older loved one and connect across the generations.

Celebrate it with a fun Barefoot Bowls game for grandparents and grandchildren this Sunday at Guildford Bowling Club

Technical Officials

Would you like to obtain a technical accreditation? Most roles are now available with an online module. Details can be found at Age is from secondary school student up. Best of all these modules are free to members of Swimming NSW. Please see Graham for more information. We are looking to hold an information and training session one afternoon at the pool whilst squads are training, so look out for information about this.

Important Information for Age Championships

With changes this season to the Swimming NSW calendar some of our club Age Championships will be held on different dates, depending on the age group. Swimmers need to check the Championships page for more information.

In particular Boys aged 13 years and Girls aged 12 years on 1st October, 2018 and who age up (have a birthday) before the MSW Area Championships on 17th November, 2018 may be affected with a clash in dates for the Age 200 metres Individual Medley championship (being held on 17th November, 2018). If this is the case you may apply to have your Age Championship race moved to another date. See the club website for more details.

Important Information about Race Entries

Entries for races can be lodged online up to 8.00pm on the Thursday before Saturday races.

If you need to change a race entry already lodged please email

To be eligible to enter championships the swimmer must be financial in this season. The swimmer must have swum the same stroke and same distance during the current season (check the program and plan your swims carefully).

Remember there are limits to the number of swims you can do on a Saturday.

If there is a championship for your age (whether you are swimming in it or not) you can swim:

  • your Age championship
  • the Open championship (subject to having swum in your age championship)
  • 2 other events
  • Senior Handicap (if 17 and over)
  • Relay (if there is one on the program for the day)

If there is NO championship for your age you can swim:

  • 3 events
  • Senior Handicap (if 17 and over)
  • Relay (if there is one on the program for the day)

If you enter too many events your entries for the extra event/s will be withdrawn when the program is prepared for the day.

Upcoming Events




Nominations for Club Captains Close

Saturday 27th October


MASC 100metre Freestyle

Saturday 3rd November

Thursday 1st November

Back to Merrylands Day

Saturday 10th November


MASC 100metre Butterfly

Saturday 10th November

Thursday 8th November

MSW West Area Open Water C/ships

Sunday 11th November

Tuesday 6th November

MSW Area LC C/ships (12 Yrs & Over)

Sat 17th & Sun 18th November

Tuesday 6th November

MASC 200metre Ind Medley (Open)

Saturday 24th November

Thursday 22nd November

MASC 100metre Backstroke

Saturday 24th November


Whales Challenge

Saturday 24th November

Thursday 22nd November

Parramatta Inter-Club Cup

Saturday 24th November


Masters Long Distance C/ship

Sunday 25th November

Friday 16th November

Tech Talk General Rules - Key things to know:

  • You cannot use or wear any device that may aid your speed or buoyancy or endurance (e.g. timing devices, flippers, wet suits etc.)
  • Goggles and swim caps can be worn (you can wear two caps)
  • Swimsuits
    • must be in good moral taste, cannot be transparent and must be FINA approved
    • FINA release a list each year of approved swimwear for World Championships and Olympic Games
    • must be of a textile material and must not contain any non textile material such as polyurethane or neoprene
    • cannot have zippers or other fastening devices (e.g. linking rings), except for a waist tie
  • Men’s swimsuits
    • limited to one suit
    • the most it can cover is the body surface from hips to knees (may not extend above the waist or below the knees)
  • Women’s swimsuits
    • limited to one suit (this can one or two pieces)
    • design must be “open back” and “open shoulder” that may extend down to the knee (may not extend below the knees)
  • The referee can exclude any swimmer whose swimsuit does not comply with the rules
  • Body tape is not allowed to be worn unless approved by the referee for the meet/session. If you have a medical reason for wearing body tape you must report to the referee before the meet/session to seek approval for the wearing of the tape. Taping would not be allowed if it is considered to provide a competitive advantage, taping of fingers together is strictly prohibited. Kinesio taping is also not allowed

Member Profile


Ellie Menhem



Year Joined:


Positions held: (if relevant)


Favourite Stroke:


Favourite thing about swimming:

Training, winning, representing

Favourite food:

Burito & bacon (don’t tell the coach though)

Favourite TV show:

Man Fire Food

When I grow up I want to be:

Childrens doctor

Favourite Swimmer:

Michael Phelps

See Graham to provide your profile information for inclusion in future editions of the Whales Tales.

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