Issue 2, Autumn 2024

Autumn Racing Carnival

Take 2: Welcome to the second week of our Autumn Racing Carnival – now 3 weeks of fast and furious racing, all done in approximately an hour! A bit of a false start last week with the pool pump failure after all that rain, but this week we are ready and raring to go! Please grab a stopwatch when you arrive to help time keep, and help to pack up at the end.

Masters State Championships

Good luck to our 4 members swimming at the NSW State Masters Championships this weekend.

Kylee Murray, Varant Jambazian, Leanne Tovkach and Ian Johnston are representing the club at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre over the weekend, swimming in 19 events. We wish them the best of luck!

ANZAC Day 2024

No training on ANZAC DAY so why not join our club’s participation in the Cumberland ANZAC Day Dawn Service this year.

The service will be held from 5:30am at Charles Mance Reserve, Newman Street, Merrylands. The service commences with a march from the Merrylands RSL Club in Miller Street, Merrylands at 5:15am.

Let Denise Assi know if you will be attending or if you want further information.

School Holidays

Going away during the school holidays? Complete your Squad Absence form today!

Rhyme Time

In the pool where champions glide,
Strength and speed are on their side.
But beneath the surface, deep and wide,
Lies the power of a nutrient tide.

Fuel for the race, the swimmer's creed,
Good nutrition is what they need.
Carbs for energy, quick to feed,
Proteins repair, with every deed.

Vitamins and minerals, a diverse blend,
Support the body, help it mend.
Hydration too, an essential friend,
For every lap, from start to end.

In the silence of the water's hum,
A well-fed body will overcome.
With each stroke, kick, and thumb,
Nutrition's victory, then some.

For the swimmer seeking golden dreams,
It's not just practice, or how it seems.
A diet rich, in colourful streams,
Is the secret to powering those beams.

So heed this tale of water's flight,
Eat well, swim strong, with all your might.
For in the race, both day and night,
Good nutrition is your guiding light.

Upcoming Meet Calendar

Check the website for the full list of upcoming meets, closing dates, programs and qualifying times.




Australian Masters Championships

3rd – 7th May

19th April

Nepean Aquatic Centre Qualifying Meet

5th May

28th April

Metro South West SC Championships

25th – 26th May


Presentation Evening

1st June


NSW Metropolitan Championships

19th – 21st July


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