Issue 4, 2021/2022

Season Program – Club Championships

The full season program is now available at

As we have advised due to the later start to the championships, and a reduced number of weeks available to run championships, the events will run a bit differently this year.

The first of the Club Championships begin next Saturday, (27th November) with the 100m Freestyle (Open & Age) & 100m Breaststroke (Open & Age) being held on the morning.

For the 100m events, swimmers will enter their Age Championship. All swimmers will swim together in an Open event to determine the results for the Open Championship, with the results split into ages to determine the Age Championship results.

So, using the 100m Freestyle as an example, all swimmers who enter the championship will swim a single 100m Freestyle race, with swimmers seeded in heats based on their entry time, not their age group. The times swum in the race will be used to determine the places for both the Age 100m Freestyle Championship and Open 100m Freestyle Championship, with points allocated in each competition, plus the Graded Point Score. Males and Females will be seeded separately.

We will still provide graded club races on these mornings, but they will be a limited program to provide the opportunity for members who are not competing in championship events to have swims and to also allow qualification for upcoming championship events.

Whales Challenge #2

The second of the 3 Whales Challenges this season is being held this morning. The White ”Emery” team took the first challenge. Can the Maroon “Turner” team even the score today??

Club Captains

The nominations received for Club Captains for this season are:

Male Captain

Female Captain

Michael Vicic

Darla Assi

Matthew Vicic

Laura-Belle Casey


Jorja Matthew


Vanessa Ozols


Shreya Shrestha


Keira Somarchand



We will confirm with the nominees that they accept their nomination and publish the final list of nominees in next week’s Whales Tales. All financial first claim members can vote for Club Captains next Saturday (27th November). A link to vote online will be provided in next week’s Whales Tales.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

All attendees (swimmers, spectators, volunteers) must sign-in, and out, when they attend the swimming centre, using the Service NSW app, and show proof of vaccination to council staff when asked.

All swimmers, volunteers, coaches and spectators over the age of 16 must be fully vaccinated to attend club races. Children under the age of 16 must be either fully vaccinated, or accompanied by a member of their household who is fully vaccinated.

Information & Conditions for Attendees also found at

Storage Shed

You have no doubt noticed a new building appear next to the club room (we certainly heard it during club races last Saturday morning). We were successful in obtaining a grant for this through the Community Building Partnership program administered by the NSW Government. With Cumberland City Council we were able to obtain approval to construct the shed and they undertook the project management on our behalf.

The storage shed will enable us to move equipment out of the club room and this will provide more space in the club room for other activities (when health protocols allow this).

Thank you to the NSW Government and Cumberland City Council for their funding and project management of this project. Below are some photos of the project.






We will continue to seek other grants to improve the facilities and equipment available to our club members.

Relay Competition

This morning is the last chance for your team’s relay time trial. As the competition commences next Saturday (27th November) make sure you have registered your team (maximum of 6 team members per team) before next week and enjoy taking on all the other contenders for the champion relay team for the season. The team entry form and swimmer nomination forms can be found at

Club Uniforms

We have a great range of club uniforms available for sale. These can be purchased through the club’s online shop.

Some items require special orders to be placed, so minimum numbers may be required before orders for these items can be placed with the supplier.

If you have any questions about club uniforms please talk to the Property Officer (Margaret Edwards).

Technical Officials – Online Webinars

The Swimming NSW Technical Swimming Committee (TSC) has presented a series of webinars for officials. These webinars cover a range of topics and if you are interested in viewing any of these recorded topics they can be found at


For those who aren’t sure 😊

Upcoming Meet Calendar




Whales Challenge #2

Saturday 20th November


MASC 100m Freestyle Championship

Saturday 27th November

Thursday 25th November

MASC 100m Breaststroke Championship

Saturday 27th November

Thursday 25th November

MASC 100m Backstroke Championship

Saturday 4th December

Thursday 2nd December

MASC 100m Butterfly Championship

Saturday 4th December

Thursday 2nd December

SNSW LC Qualifying Meet

Saturday 4th December

Sunday 5th December

Tuesday 23rd November

MASC 400m Individual Medley Championship (Open)

Saturday 11th December

Thursday 9th December

NSW Multi-Class Championships

Saturday 11th December

Thursday 30th November

NSW Junior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 18th December

Sunday 19th December

Tuesday 7th December

NSW Open Water Championships

Monday 20th December

Tuesday 21st December

Tuesday 14th December

MSW Area Open Water

Sunday 9th January


NSW Senior State Championships

Thursday 20th January

Tuesday 25th January

Tuesday 11th January

Speedo Sprint Series - Heats

Sunday 13th February

Thursday 12th November

MASC SwimFest

Saturday 19th February


MSW Area LC Championships

Saturday 26th February

Sunday 27th February


NSW State Open Championships

Friday 4th March

Sunday 6th March


Speedo Sprint Series - Finals

Saturday 12th March

Qualify via Heats

NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

Saturday 19th March

Sunday 20th March


NSW Junior State Age Championships

Saturday 26th March

Sunday 27th March


MSW 5 – 8 Meet

Saturday 2nd April



We receive great support from our club sponsors and we thank them for this support.

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