Swimsuit Update

Following the most recent announcement by FINA regarding swimsuits, Swimming Australia has amended its Australian Championships By Laws (CBL 14), covering swimsuit guidelines for Swimming Australia events.

Effective 1 July 2009, swimmers competing in Swimming Australia events can only wear FINA-approved swimsuits as listed here.

Additionally, since the FINA-approved list only addresses ‘new model’ swimsuits submitted by swimsuit manufacturers, swimmers will, until otherwise directed by SAL or FINA, also be able to wear ‘traditional’ swimsuits provided the suits meet the following criteria highlighted in the revised CBL 14.1 (3) below.

CBL14.1 General Swimsuit Guidelines
  1. The swimsuits of all swimmers shall be in good moral taste and suitable for the individual sports discipline.
  2. All swimsuits shall be non transparent and must conform with FINA approved standards in all respects.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, swimmers, until otherwise directed by SAL and/or FINA may wear ‘traditional’ swimsuits provided the suits meet the following criteria:
  4. Men’s swimwear may not extend above the waist or below the knees;
  5. Women’s swimwear shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulders or past the pelvis.
  6. The referee of a competition has the authority to exclude any competitor whose swimsuit does not comply with this rule.
  7. Swimwear is limited to one (1) swimsuit.
It should also be noted that swimmers in Swimming Australia Age Group Events must also still abide by the current CBL 14.2 outlined here.

At the upcoming Telstra Short Course Championships and State Age Short Course Championships all swimwear will be checked during marshalling and swimmers will be asked to record the make and manufacturer of their swimsuit.

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