Masters Swimming champ Steven Nguyen ready for new Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club season

STEVEN Nguyen can't wait for the Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club season to kick off next Saturday.

After finishing a successful season in March, including winning seven gold medals at the Masters Swimming National Championships, Nguyen, 22, is hoping to capitalise on his success this season.

He said that he hopes to perform well at the championships again, while improving his time to get selection in the state open championships.

"I put a lot of effort into my training and diet during the off-season and have lost a lot of weight, hopefully the results will come," he said.

"At the moment I haven't really had many pool sessions due to lack of pool space, so I've only swam about three to four times a week.

"Normally I will do seven or eight sessions a week. After training we do land work, just to strengthen ourselves and to mix it up."

Club president Ian Wilson said Nguyen was heavily involved in the club, being club captain for a season, the junior vice-president, an accredited learn-to-swim coach and an assistant coach for the senior swimmers. He said the club was open to all ages and all levels of ability.

"If you want to socially swim you can do that, or do the bit extra," he said.

"We promote swimming. We promote kids swimming and parents.

"Every Saturday from October through to March we have competitions and specialty events on Friday night once a month."


WHAT: Go Swim Day

WHEN: October 6 from 9am

WHERE: Merrylands Swimming Centre, 30 Burnett St, Merrylands

WHO: Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club

ACTIVITIES: Barbecue, swimming activities, talk to members about the club
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