Issue 19, 2020/2021

Merrylands SwimFest

What a great meet last Saturday afternoon. The weather was kind and allowed the meet to run without a hitch.

We had 40 swimmers represent the club and they achieved a total of 92 PB’s, winning 7 Gold, 12 Silver and 19 Bronze medals. Merrylands came third in the point score. Congratulations to everyone in the team who swam, an outstanding result. 👏👏👏

It takes a significant amount of organisation and commitment from everyone in the club to host a successful meet, so we thank everyone who was involved. Behind the scenes the Race Secretary (Alison Sakurovs) and Peter Johnston have worked for months preparing the meet. Thank you both for your dedication in undertaking all of this work.

We also asked our parents and family members to help on the day with some people taking on new roles. Thank you to everyone who assisted on the day, be it setting up, undertaking roles during the meet or packing up. The meet was a great success and this cannot be achieved without everyone’s assistance, thank you!

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Protocols

Health updates that affect our club members can be found here

SNSW Senior Metropolitan Championships

Alison Sakurovs & Vanessa Ozols will be competing at the Swimming NSW Senior Metropolitan Championships this weekend at SOPAC.
Alison is specialising in the 50m Freestyle and Vanessa is contesting a total of five events.
Good luck to both Alison & Vanessa and may the whale be with you both. 🐳

MSW Junior Long Course Championships

The Metro South West Area Junior Long Course Championships are being held on Saturday 13th March 2021 at SOPAC. Entries close on Friday 5th March 2021, so please ensure you submit your entries by this date.

Club Uniforms

Items can be purchased through the club’s online shop.


We receive great support from our club sponsors and we thank them for this support.


Season Program Changes

The amended season program can be found here.
Please ensure you check the amended season program and plan your swims and championship qualification based on the amended program.

Member Profile

Today we find out some interesting information about one of our original club members who is a Life and Committee member and also a birthday girl today. Happy birthday Margaret Edwards:

Favourite Colour


Favourite Food

Tim Tams 😊

Favourite Sport (apart from swimming)


Favourite Team

Giants, Swans & Port Adelaide (I have to keep all the family happy!)

Favourite Holiday Place

Anywhere with my family

Favourite Memory

Too many to name

Favourite Song

Lots of songs, just don’t know the names of them

Favourite Movie/TV Show

Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist, The Greatest Showman, too many musicals to name

Career after school

Insurance & School administration and most importantly mum & grandma 😊

I like Merrylands Swimming Club because

Everyone is friendly

Big Husky Triathlon Festival

Good luck to Ian Wilson as he competes in the Big Husky Triathlon Festival on the NSW South Coast this weekend.

Club Championship Results

Congratulations to all swimmers who competed in the Open 400m Freestyle Championships last week. The results are here.

Test Your Swimming Knowledge

1. What is the order of swim strokes in the Individual Medley?

ᴏ Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke
ᴏ Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly
ᴏ Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle
ᴏ Breaststroke, Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke

2. For which swimming stroke is diving not used to start a race?

ᴏ Breaststroke
ᴏ Backstroke
ᴏ Freestyle
ᴏ Butterfly

3. Which strokes require a simultaneous two hand touch at turns and the finish of the race?

ᴏ Breaststroke
ᴏ Backstroke
ᴏ Freestyle
ᴏ Butterfly

4. What happens if a swimmer starts before the starting signal?

ᴏ the race is rerun
ᴏ the swimmer adds 5 seconds to their time
ᴏ the race is rerun with all of the other swimmers getting a head start
ᴏ the swimmer is disqualified

Upcoming Events




MASC 400metre Freestyle Championship (Junior)

Saturday 27th February


SNSW Metropolitan Championships (Senior)

Saturday 27th February to

Sunday 28th February


MASC 50metre Backstroke Championship

MASC 25metre Backstroke Championship

MASC 200metre Backstroke Championship (Open)

Saturday 6th March

Thursday 4th March

Speedo Sprint Finals (SOPAC)

Saturday 6th March

Entry via Heats

MSW Junior Championships (SOPAC)

Saturday 13th March

Friday 5th March

SNSW State Open Championships

Thursday 18th March to

Sunday 21st March

Wednesday 3rd March

MASC 1500metre Freestyle Championship (Open)

Saturday 20th March

Thursday 18th March

Whales Challenge

Saturday 20th March

Thursday 18th March

MASC 400metre Freestyle Championship (Senior)

Saturday 27th March

Thursday 25th March

SNSW State Age Junior Championships

Saturday 27th March to

Sunday 28th March

Tuesday 16th March

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