Training Moves to Wentworthville

Swimming Training moves to Wentworthville Swimming Centre next week.

Training Times will be adjusted slightly from May 15 and are detailed on the Training Schedule page here.

Note that there is no training for the Sharks on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Land training for the Junior Squad will continue to be held on Tuesday afternoons but will return to a 5:00pm start. Times may change slightly again in June.

There will be no pool sessions held during July while the pool is closed for maintenance and we will use this opportunity to give the swimmers a break. There may be some land sessions held during the second half of July at Merrylands. More details will be provided in June.

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  • Winter Training

    Swimming Training continues at Merrylands Swimming Centre for the start of the Winter Season.

    Training times remain the same with a few exceptions:
    - There will be no training on Tuesday Afternoons for the Sharks.
    - Junior Squad training on Tuesdays will start at 4:45pm.
    - Morning Sessions for the Junior Squad will not be held.

    Session times are listed on the Training Schedule page here.

    Training then moves to Wentworthville Swimming Centre on Monday, 15th May, 2006.

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  • January School Holiday Training Times

    Our last training session for 2005 is on Thursday, 22nd December. Training then recommences on Tuesday, 3rd January.

    Most training sessions during the School Holidays will be held in the mornings to avoid the heat in the afternoons. If you are going away during the holidays please let us know when you will be away.

    Session times are listed on the Training Schedule page here.

    The normal training times will resume on Monday, 30th January, 2006.

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  • Training Returns to Merrylands

    Training returns to Merrylands Swimming Centre on Monday, 12th September, 2005.

    The club’s swimming squad program will undergo some changes this season.

    On Thursday, 15th September, an information session will be held in the Club Room at Merrylands Swimming centre starting at 5:30pm. All current, former and future members of the club’s swimming squad and their parents are invited to attend this session which will provide an overview of the entire squad program for the next 6 months.

    Some of the changes that will be detailed include:
    • New squads for Adults and Teenagers
    • Session times
    • Fees
    • Session content & structure

    At this information session, each family that is interested in joining the squad will need to sign up for an “interview” on either Monday, 19th or Tuesday, 20th September. These interviews will take approximately 10 minutes and will be used to decide which squad you will be invited to join.

    The days and times that the various squads will run will be posted in the training section of the club’s website following the interviews. The new times will commence when training resumes on Tuesday, 4th October, 2005 (there is no training on the Labour Day Holiday).

    As of October 1st, all squad members must be registered as members of the Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club Inc. For the 2005/2006 swimming season. Benefits of membership include discounted entry into Merrylands Swimming Centre for Training. Other benefits can be found on the club’s website here.

    The existing squad has been training at Wentworthville Swimming Centre since mid-May and will return to Merrylands on Monday, 12th September.
    Due to the above arrangements, the training times during the rest of September will be limited. Therefore there will be no swimming sessions on the following dates:
    Thursday, 15th September(Information Session)
    Monday 19th September(Interviews)
    Tuesday 20th September(Interviews)
    Monday 26th to Thursday 29th September(First week of the School Holidays)

    I hope to see you on the 15th September and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Peter Johnston
    Head Coach

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  • New Coach Appointed

    Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club congratulates and welcomes our new Head Coach, Peter Johnston.

    Peter, up until his appointment, was Assistant Coach at Merrylands and therefore he has extensive knowledge and experience of the existing squad members.

    Peter has been a tireless worker for the Merrylands Swimming Club. He is a Life Member and is the current Swimming NSW Learn to Swim Co-ordinator for the Club. He continues to swim at competition level so he brings first hand experience to our swimmers.

    Although he has had to resign from his current Committee role as Race Secretary to accept the Coaching position, his new undertaking will mean that he will still have close links to the Club and its Committee.

    We wish Peter the best of luck in his new position of Head Coach.

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  • Wentworthville Remains Closed

    Training was due to recommence on Monday, 1st August when Wentworthville Swimming Centre re-opened following it's closure for maintenance.

    However, it was discovered late this week that the centre will now not re-open until Monday, 22nd August.

    Therefore, Monday's session will now be a dryland session in the Club Room at Merrylands Swimming Centre from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

    More information on training for the next 3 weeks will be provided at this session on Monday.

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  • Coaching Update

    To: Merrylands Swimming Squad and their Parents

    It is with great regret that the committee of the Merrylands Amateur Swimming Club has accepted the resignation of Kristen Sunner as Head Coach of our swimming squad.

    Over the past 12 years Kristen has been coach and much more to many children and her efforts are very much appreciated.

    Kristen will continue to coach until the end of June. During July while Wentworthville pool is closed for 4 weeks the squad will take a break.

    In July an advertisement will appear in the New South Wales Swimmer Magazine seeking the services of a qualified swim coach. It is intended that interviews take place during August.

    On Monday 1st August the squad will recommence at Wentworthville pool. Peter Johnston and Meagan Legge have offered to provide coaching services in the interim. Accordingly the coaching rights have been temporarily granted to Peter and Meaghan.

    Peter and Meaghan will provide coaching for the squad from 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm Monday to Thursday at the cost of $60 per month per child.

    The goal of the committee is to have the new coach in place to coincide with the squad recommencing training at Merrylands Pool on the 12th September 2005.

    If you have any concerns please speak to Peter, Meaghan or any Committee Member.


    David Johnson

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